8 Calm-Down Strategies For Your Teen

Even as adults, it can be tough to calm down when we feel heated, anxious, or frustrated. Throw in the hormones of a teenager, and it’s easy to understand why middle, high school, and even college students are so prone to feeling out of control. Here, we’ll take a look at some concrete strategies you can try with your teen when they need a moment to center and re-focus after anxiety, anger, or a setback.

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7 Things Every Parent of an Anxious Teen Should Try

As a parent, it can feel impossible to do the right thing when you’re watching your child struggle with anxiety. You don’t want to overstep and stop them from learning how to manage anxiety on their own, but you also don’t want to let them flounder without support. Here, we’ll take a look at some concrete ideas you can try to help your anxious teen calm their nerves.

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