cranky cat craft for coping skills and emotional regulation

MindCrafts: Kids Manage Stress with Coping Cat

For kids, big emotions can feel really scary. Sometimes a reminder of the coping skills they already have is what’s needed. Try this coping cranky cat craft!

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parenting rewind late for school title

Parenting Rewind: Morning Routine Meltowns (and what to do)

Do you find yourself getting triggered by the morning routine in your home? You’re not alone. Parenting Rewind is a series of scripts and videos to help you shift from reactive to mindful parenting.

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title page for phrases to use instead of saying listen

Kids Not Listening? 7 Phrases to Try

One of the most common frustrations we hear from parents is my kids just don’t listen! Sometimes, kids are lost in their own flow. Sometimes, they’re distracted by their own inner voice. Other times, they’re…

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parenting rewind scripts interruptions preview

Parenting Rewind: My Child Won’t Stop Interrupting–Help!

Hey Parents: If interruptions from your kids are triggering big reactions, this parenting rewind script is for you!

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phrases to help calm an angry child

Angry Child Meltdown? Try These 5 Calming Phrases

Kids can sometimes feel like little tornadoes. If they don’t like the food being served, they might shove the plate off the table. Not the shirt they wanted to wear? They might throw it in…

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mindset finder fortune teller

MindCrafts: Growth Mindset Builder for Kids

Need a mindset pick-me-up? Easy to take with you anywhere, this handy Mindset Fortune Teller is your secret sidekick to help when you feel stuck on those difficult tasks. Try GoZen’s MindCrafting for Mental Health!

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Parenting rewind scripts cover image

Parenting Rewind: Sibling Rivalry

One thing that provokes a big reaction from most parents is constant sibling rivalry. Here’s a quick parenting rewind tip to help.

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Crafting for Anxiety Relief for Kids

MindCrafts: Craft Your Worry Away

Kids got worry? Meet Widdle and Til! Introducing MindCrafts by GoZen! If your kids love crafts and want to curb stress and boost mental health, this new printable & video series is for you.

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