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This 4-minute video will transform the way your child manages stress and anxiety.

What is GoZen?

GoZen! provides 6 unique, life-enhancing programs taught via animated videos. Kids watch engaging, entertaining cartoons to learn skills of resilience and well-being. Imaginative games, workbooks and quizzes enrich their experience.

There's nothing to download or install--you can access programs anytime and anywhere.

Parents, educators, and professionals around the world use our animations with kids of all ages.

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Everything we do at GoZen! follows the principle that emotional well-being can be cultivated through practice.

Yes, we believe feeling good is a skill!

We offer a suite of educational programs and tools designed to give parents and professionals what they need to arm kids with essential life skills to not only manage anxiety, but to live with deeper engagement and purpose.

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GoZen! is trusted by over 3000 professionals and 100,000 parents worldwide.

You don't have to take our word for it--here's what just some of them have to say:

Dawn Huebner

Wow, GoZen! This is a bite-size, kid-friendly, clinically accurate worry-fighting program where skills are clearly explained and amply reinforced. If you buy one product this year to help your anxious child, make it GoZen! Really. It’s that good.

Dawn Huebner, PhD.
Clinical Psychologist
Best-selling author

Dr Shefali & Oprah

If you or your child gets entangled in anxiety and need help, check out GoZen! Kids engage with animations and games to learn tried and true anxiety relief skills – I personally think this works wonders for parents. What an amazing, innovative, creative resource!!!

Dr. Shefali, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
New York Times best-selling author
Oprah’s go-to parenting expert

James J Christ

GoZen! is nothing short of great. In simple language, the animated characters explain what anxiety is, how the brain works in response to anxiety, and ways to change your thinking so that you are in charge of your thoughts and feelings. From kids with normal worries and fears to those who suffer from anxiety, this program works.

James J. Crist, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Best-selling author
Clinical Director of the CFCC

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my 7 yr old hasn't been to school all week due to anxiety, I bought this and she was... read more

Sandra M. Avatar
Sandra M.
15 Feb 2019

Excellent blogs and posts to assist parents/teachers in understanding anxiety issues in children. Many helpful ideas for adults dealing... read more

Gail S. Avatar
Gail S.
08 Feb 2019

Excellent tools and profound wisdom here! I feel better just knowing this "soft place to land" exists!

Debbie D. Avatar
Debbie D.
06 Feb 2019

There are so many resources! As a mom of three independent soontobe adults and a speech pathologist and a... read more

Ruby F. Avatar
Ruby F.
01 Feb 2019

always good info to share with parents, helpful

Pierrette D. Avatar
Pierrette D.
05 Jan 2019

A new approach for helping someone who struggles with anxiety

Debbie D. Avatar
Debbie D.
22 Dec 2018
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