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GoZen! programs help students boost resilience and emotional intelligence while managing stress and anxiety.

Do kids seek your help as they struggle with academic demands, peer pressure, and family challenges all while fending off the competing interests of the digital age?

If you're like the educators, psychologists, social workers and other professionals in our community, you have a bag of tools to help anxious students. But your students may be so dismayed that they feel whatever you have to teach them...


Why do 1500 schools and 3000 practitioners worldwide use GoZen!?

GoZen! supports professionals in both K-12 educational settings and private practices by giving you stress management, resilience, and emotional intelligence tools in a medium that kids love: Animation.

GoZen! has 7 fully animated programs including over 250 animations, worksheets, and lesson plans that help kids bust anxiety and negative thoughts as well as cultivate strengths, resilience, and confidence.

We have over 3000 private practice professionals in our community and we also serve over 1500 schools. Why? Because kids love to learn life skills in a way that is fun (and professionals love to be loved by the kids that love our animations). That's a lot of love!

GoZen! is backed by research and proven with results. Below you'll find all the details about the programs and pricing as well as how to get immediate access!

How does it work in a nutshell?


Professionals & Educators log in and play videos...


Kids watch...


Learn skills...


... and overcome challenges!

What makes GoZen! different?

It's simple: Animations.

You know how incredibly difficult it can be to engage a child, especially when dealing with lofty therapeutic concepts. Even older children can quickly get bored or distracted, secretly wanting to pull out their screens and escape.

That’s why at GoZen!, we’ve built our children’s anxiety-busting program from the ground up using original animations. There’s no doubt about it: animation holds real power. It’s colorful, accessible and non-threatening. And it’s fun. Our program taps into the power of animation to not just entertain children but help them.

What makes GoZen! effective?

We make worry easy to understand from the 'Inside Out'.


Have you seen the Oscar award-winning film Inside Out? Just like the movie, GoZen! personifies certain feelings and thoughts that live inside the brain using two characters: Til & Widdle.

Til & Widdle make learning about worry a lot more fun! Rather than lecture kids on abstract concepts, kids truly understand and act upon resilience skills taught via our characters.

Til helps kids practice logical thinking and decision-making; Widdle helps kids understand that a little worry is a good thing. When Widdle overreacts, children teach Widdle how to calm down with their newly learned coping skills.

What do the programs teach?

The GoZen! program suite teaches children ages 5-15 (yes, you read that age range correctly!) essential social and emotional learning skills through story, adventure, and interactive practice all wrapped up into animations. There are 6 different programs included in the pro package. Here are just some of the things kids learn across those programs:

  • Resilient thoughts:  Learn to catch, check, collect, challenge, and change worrisome, negative, or looping thoughts.
  • Mindfulness:  Discover how to go from asking constant "What if" questions to coming back to "What is" going on in present moment.
  • Anxiety relief: Master research-based skills to thwart general anxiety, stress, test anxiety, and perfectionist tendencies.
  • Panic relief: Take adventures to uncover the research-based secrets behind ending panic attacks.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Dive into their inner emotional world to expand self-awareness of emotions, what they mean, and how to navigate them.
  • Impulse Control: Embrace many methodologies to pause before they react to a trigger or event.
  • Self-compassion: See and practice techniques of speaking to themselves as they would a friend.
  • Conquering OCD: Learn the secrets behind breaking the OCD cycle (for kids experiencing OCD).
  • Optimism: Unravel the research-based techniques to practice realistic optimism.
  • Strengths: Identify and apply their character strengths across domains of their life.
  • Kids are armed with essential life skills embedded across programs including hundreds of animations, worksheets, key learning points, discussion questions, and interactive practice.

What's Included? 7 Programs plus Updates!

The GoZen! Professional subscription includes access to our full suite of animated teaching programs for you to use in your classroom or private practice. Each program delivers concepts through animations featuring fun, relatable characters in real-life situations.

1 GoZen! Anxiety/Stress Relief Program

4-7-8 Breathing (3:30)

  • 6 Modules
  • 36 Animations
  • 75+ Minutes of Video

The GoZen! anxiety relief program is broken down into 6 modules that teach kids how to understand and control their anxiety. And because stress, pressure and challenges are part of everyday life, these are skills children can use forever.

  • Module 1: What is Worry? (6 Videos)
    In the first module, we dive right in to explore what causes one to worry. Kids are fascinated by facts about the brain. It helps them demystify what they are going through and shows them the control they have over their worry.
  • Module 2: Worry Affects Your Body (4 Videos)
    Increased heart rate, shortness of breath, tummy aches—we talk about how worry makes us feel and kids learn special techniques to help calm them down when worry takes over.
  • Module 3: Worry Affects Your Thinking (3 Videos)
    We go over the the 3 major thinking errors that causes kids to worry–Avoiding, What Iffing and ThoughtHoles–and how kids can change their thinking style.
  • Module 4: Watch out for ThoughtHoles! (5 Videos)
    Nelly and Tomas demonstrate the 5 main types of ThoughtHoles or distortions of reality kids fall into when they’re worried. Then they’ll learn how to recognize and correct them in the future.
  • Module 5: The 5Cs Technique (7 Videos)
    In order to escape from ThoughtHoles, kids discover the 5Cs technique. Neutrino gives kids a powerful GoTool! for each one of the 5Cs!
  • Module 6: The FARR Method (4 Videos)
    It can be a little tricky for kids to remember exactly which technique to use when they’re worried about something–no worries, the FARR Method comes to the rescue! And since this is the last module, Neutrino and ScienceGuy have a surprise!

2 GoStrengths! Well-being + Resilience Program

Why is Neutrino Here?

  • 10 Modules
  • 115 Animations
  • 125+ Minutes of Video

GoStrengths! is a comprehensive social and emotional learning program focusing on 8 vital skills including goal-setting, optimistic thinking, problem-solving, resilience, character strengths, emotional regulation, social skills, and self-confidence.

  • Module 1: GoWellBeing! (10 Videos)
    What is well‐being (and why should you care)? This module provides you with the foundational principles in the GoStrengths! course.
  • Module 2: GoAwareness! (10 Videos)
    Why do you do what you do? Understand why you have certain emotional reactions to challenges or difficult situations in life. Skill: Emotional Intelligence
  • Module 3: GoRegulate! (12 Videos)
    Watch out for ThoughtHoles! Discover 8 common errors in thought, how they affect your resilience, and how you can fix them. Skill: Emotional Intelligence
  • Module 4: GoResilience! (11 Videos)
    The 5Cs: Catch, Check, Collect, Challenge & Change! Learn the 5C method to increase your resilience and overcome challenges. Skill: Resilience
  • Module 5: GoSolveIt! (10 Videos)
    Superhero Problem‐Solving! Practice the 6‐step Superhero Problem‐solving Process to solve any problem you may have. Skill: Problem‐solving
  • Module 6: GoStrengths! (7 Videos)
    What is right with this picture? Uncover your greatest strengths and learn why they matter. Skill: Character Strength Development
  • Module 7: GoMindset! (8 Videos)
    Promote the process! Identify your fundamental beliefs about success and cultivate a growth mindset. Skill: Self-confidence
  • Module 8: GoOptimism! (11 Videos)
    Practicing happiness! Practice research‐based methods to increase your optimism and happiness. Skill: Optimistic Thinking
  • Module 9: GoConnect! (8 Videos)
    Spinning a strong web! Strong social connections are vital to humanoid well‐being. Learn the best ways to make and strengthen friendships. Skill: Social Connections
  • Module 10: GoFlourish! (7 Videos)
    Humanoid flourishing! Learn how to effectively set short and long‐term goals using the SCCAB model of goal‐setting. Skill: Goal-setting

3 GoHackify! OCD Relief Program


  • 5 Modules
  • 30 Animations
  • 110+ Minutes of Video
  • 165 pg. Kid Workbook

GoHackify! follows Kai and Sage, two kids whose intrusive thoughts are affecting their everyday life. The Dynamos (Character Strength superheroes) step in to teach them how to combat their "Brain Spam" and take back control!

  • Module 1: Introduction (4 Videos)
    Meet the characters on this adventure to kick OCD to the curb! You'll meet Kai, Sage, and their greatest strengths personified by the Dynamos!
  • Module 2: Spammy's World (5 Videos)
    You'll travel into youthling Kai's brain and Meet Spammy, a trickster who sends kids "Brain Spam!" You'll also learn about the vicious Spammy Cycle and get three tools to start fighting brain spam.
  • Module 3: Preparation (6 Videos)
    Before you face Spammy head on, you'll go through preparation the Dynamo way. First, you'll take a trip around the world to meet millions of other kids just like you. Then you'll be introduced to a unique motivational training ground called METTA. Next, you'll receive several tools to help you figure out the difference between Brain Spam and regular thoughts. Finally, you'll make your plan.
  • Module 4: GoHackify! (7 Videos)
    It's time to learn the Dynamos' secret process to defeat Spammy: CODE. Once you learn to CODE, there is nothing Spammy can throw your way that you can't overcome.
  • Module 5: CODE in Action! (4 Videos)
    Kai and Sage become CODE masters. You see them in various scenarios at home and school defeating Spammy. Finally, you'll celebrate with a Dynamo‐style event.

4 GoToTheNow! Mindfulness Program


  • 1 Module
  • 12 Animations
  • 40 Minutes of Video

Do you want to bring mindfulness into your kids' lives? Join Neutrino's student, Tau, on this concise program that walks the kids (and adults!) of Fliderdale through some tried-and-true mindfulness exercises... with a GoZen! twist.

5 GoPositive! Negative Thoughts Relief Program


  • 1 Module
  • 7 Animations
  • 30+ Minutes of Video

This succinct 7-animation mini-program walks teens and tweens through how to recognize when negative thoughts are taking over, and introduces 5 different tools they can use to break out of a negative thought cycle.

6 GoWave! Panic Attack Relief Program


  • 1 Module
  • 12 Animations
  • 55+ Minutes of Video

Neutrino and a brand new team are on an action-packed mission to Earth to uncover the truth behind panic attacks. Teens & tweens learn about their innate superpowers; the fight, flight, or freeze response; and how to understand and overcome the overwhelming feelings panic attacks cause.

7 GoAction! Procrastination Relief Program


  • 1 Module
  • 6 Animations
  • 24+ Minutes of Video

Taylor is totally awesome, but he's also totally disorganized, always late for class, and days behind on his homework. He's a chronic procrastinator! Luckily, he gets research-based tools to curb his procrastination from... his future self!

BONUS: Plus Content Downloadables & Printables


  • Activity Kits
  • Audio Stories
  • Flashcards
  • ... And more!

The Plus content library includes standalone animations and printables on topics not yet covered in our full programs, such as anger management, self-compassion, your inner voice, and more. New material is added each month, so there's always more to look forward to!

.... and more!

The GoZen! Professional subscription includes access to our full suite of animated teaching programs for you to use in your classroom or private practice. This includes any new programs we release while your subscription is active!

There are so many ways to use GoZen!

Imagine supplementing your own guidance with the power of animations to boost the learning process. What you have been teaching the children you work with will be truly integrated and processed with this audiovisual learning toolkit.

GoZen projected to a class

GoZen! in Classrooms

Many educators blend programs into their curriculum once per week for 20-60 minutes. Because of the flexibility of the program to show entire modules or single animations, you can use GoZen! as it fits your classroom needs.

Project animations onto a screen or show them on any device for sharing. How do you engage the class in the animations? Easy, just push play. Leave the rest up to us.

GoZen Practitioner Program

GoZen! in Private Practice

Are you trying to teach a child or patient about the concept of flight-or-fight response to stress? Want to engage them in a deep breathing exercise? Want them to learn about steps to making more friendships? Supplement a counseling or therapy session with videos!

Handpick several animations in advance, or go through our animated programs module by module with kids in your office and send them home with worksheets or other fun learning assignments to reinforce concepts. You have the flexibility to customize your own lessons with GoZen!

GoZen program

GoZen! in Small Groups

Use GoZen! at camp, after school, or other small group settings. Project videos or share a screen to show animations from the GoZen! programs in small group settings.

As a professional, you can log into our programs and stream the videos from anywhere with an internet connection. We give you lesson plans and worksheets to support the work, but the star of the show is always the animations!

GoZen! Works on any Device

placeit (3)

Access programs from anywhere

Does it work on a phone? Yes. Does it work on a tablet? Yes. Does it work on a desktop? Yes. Does it work on Mars? Hmmm... maybe? 🙂

If you have an internet connection, you will be able to use our programs on the device of your choosing. Project it on a screen or play it on a phone; whatever your preference, the videos will look and sound great.

Here's what other professionals have to say:

I absolutely LOVE the GoZen! program. As a specialist in CBT for anxiety and related disorders, I have not come across a program until seeing yours that has been even remotely as well executed, clinically sound, and engaging as GoZen!

I am so pleased to have added it to my library of clinical tools and eagerly await anything else you may release.

Dr. Allison Solomon, Psy.D., PLLC
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

As a parent of children who struggle with anxiety and a mental health clinician working with many clients who also struggle with anxiety, I have found GoZen! to be informed by empirical research, accessible to both children and adults, engaging and interesting and most importantly, effective.

This is the first program that has provided tools my children readily understand and use on their own. The creators of GoZen! brilliantly combine likable, amusing characters whose struggles validate the experiences of many children, with the latest in brain science research on effective anxiety treatment.

Elizabeth Wade, MS, LMHC

I am always looking for ways to grab students’ attention and find meaningful ways to explain key therapeutic concepts. The GoZen! videos have helped engage even some of my more challenging students. The humor and relatability of the characters help children feel more at ease and ready to discuss their experiences.

I have used this program with both elementary and middle school. It provides a comprehensive understanding of anxiety and strategies to manage this uncomfortable emotion. It provides a complete curriculum, but I have also used segments to augment my own lessons. It has been a great addition to my groups and a powerful tool in my arsenal.

Kerine Casteel, LCSW
Pepin Academies

GoZen! has transformed research-based concepts into fun and multisensory learning modules and workbooks that are ideal for teachers and students. Thank you for sharing your words with my audience. The products you have already created are both brilliant and magical. I can’t wait to see what you create next.

Dr. Erica Warren
Learning Specialist
Educational Therapist

James J Christ

GoZen! is nothing short of great.

In simple language, the animated characters explain what anxiety is, how the brain works in response to anxiety, and ways to change your thinking so that you are in charge of your thoughts and feelings.

From kids with normal worries and fears to those who suffer from anxiety, this program works.

James J. Crist, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Best-selling author
Clinical Director of the CFCC

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What research are the programs based on?

Research from the field of positive psychology has laid the foundation for the GoZen! philosophy and program. Positive psychology offers a balance to traditional psychology by going on beyond disease and disorder to focus on what is “right” with people.

In the words of Chris Peterson, a pioneer in the field, “The most basic assumption that positive psychology urges is that human goodness and excellence are as authentic as disease, disorder and distress.”

Below are specific academic studies and texts referenced in each program:

Still have questions?

What's the difference between the family and professional program license?

The professional license provides:

  1. More resources - more worksheets, more animations, lesson plans, and programming.
  2. Updates - you receive free program updates as well as new programs included in your subscription.
  3. Licensing - you have the license to use the program with multiple students and clients.

You do not receive the above benefits with the family license. In short, the professional program is bigger and badder than the family program. 🙂

How long does it take to go through GoZen?

We recommend going through 1 module every few days. Some prefer to go through it all at once and then go back through it again at a slower pace.

Can we share our professional account?

Each professional using the program needs their own license. We have multi-license packages for schools and organizations above. For custom quotes, please email

Can students log in on their own?

Students cannot log in with your account. If your school needs individual student accounts, please contact us for details at

What age range are videos designed for?

We created these animations for children ages 7-15ish. But honestly, we have children from ages 4-25 using GoZen! right now. If you'd like to evaluate the animations for yourself, you can sign up on our homepage for 2 free sample animations.

Can I download the videos?

All of the videos are available through online streaming, so while you cannot download them, you can access them from anywhere with an internet connection.

Can we pay by purchase order?

Yes! We’re happy accept purchase orders with a minimum $197 order. You can click here to submit your purchase order. If you have questions or need more information (e.g., W9 forms etc.), please email

Are the programs mobile friendly?

Yup! We designed all of GoZen! to be mobile friendly. If you run into something that doesn't work, we're happy to troubleshoot with you.

Is there a trial period?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee on our online programs. We won’t charge you if it isn’t working for you.

What if I still have questions?

You can contact us at any time with questions by sending an email to, or asking through live chat when we're online.

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