Are you a professional looking for a creative and effective way to teach kids about resilience while managing their stress and anxiety?

Do kids seek your help as they struggle with academic demands, peer pressure, and family challenges all while fending off the competing interests of the digital age?

If you're like the teachers, school counselors, psychologists, social workers and other professionals in our community, you need tried and true resources that will work. Most importantly you need to have something kids will relate to or they may just resort to the old standby line...

A child with anxiety

What is GoZen!?

GoZen! follows the principle that emotional well-being can be cultivated through practice. We believe feeling good is a skill! We offer online educational programs and tools designed to give professionals what they need to arm kids with essential life skills to not only manage anxiety, but to live with deeper engagement and purpose.

Our innovative approach is centered on animated videos that make it fun to learn. We teach everything from the science behind why we worry to specific techniques for overcoming anxiety and discovering your strengths.

  • Eight fully animated programs featuring over 275 animations, worksheets, and lesson plans that help kids bust anxiety and negative thoughts as well as cultivate strengths, resilience, and confidence
  • Used by over 8500 private practice professionals and 5500 schools around the world to help students with anxiety, resilience building, emotional intelligence and more
  • Applicable to kids, tweens & teens
  • Backed by scientific research in Applied Positive Psychology & Cognitive Behavior Therapy

What makes GoZen! different?

It's simple: Original animations.

You know how incredibly difficult it can be to engage a child or teen, especially when dealing with lofty therapeutic concepts. Even older children can quickly get bored or distracted, secretly wanting to pull out their screens and escape.

That’s why at GoZen!, we’ve built our resilience programs from the ground up using original animations. There’s no doubt about it: animation holds real power. It’s colorful, accessible and non-threatening. They help kids identify what is going on "inside" their bodies and minds and provide tools to help them move through their issues. Our programs tap into the power of animation to not just entertain children but to educate them.

What is the best age for GoZen!?

Our Gozen! Programs can be used for kids ages 7-15 years old (yes, you read that age range correctly!). We do not offer different programs for different ages. Some of the characters in the programs might be geared more for teens and others more for younger ages. However, the basic skills and concepts being taught in all of our programs can be used for any age - even adults! The earlier kids learn techniques and skills based in positive psychology, the easier it is for them to handle issues they will face later in life.

What do the programs teach?

The GoZen! program suite teaches kids essential social and emotional learning skills through story, adventure, and interactive practice all wrapped up into animations. There are 8 different programs included in the pro package. Here are just some of the things kids learn across those programs:

  • Resilient thoughts:  Learn to catch, check, collect, challenge, and change worrisome, negative, or looping thoughts.
  • Mindfulness: Discover how to go from asking constant "What if" questions to coming back to "What is" going on in the present moment.
  • Anxiety relief: Master research-based skills to thwart general anxiety, stress, test anxiety, and perfectionist tendencies.
  • Panic relief: Take adventures to uncover the research-based secrets behind ending panic attacks.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Dive into their inner emotional world to expand self-awareness of emotions, what they mean, and how to navigate them.
  • Impulse Control: Embrace many methodologies to pause before they react to a trigger or event.
  • Self-compassion: See and practice techniques of speaking to themselves as they would a friend.
  • Conquering OCD: Learn the secrets behind breaking the OCD cycle (for kids experiencing OCD).
  • Optimism: Unravel the research-based techniques to practice realistic optimism.
  • Strengths: Identify and apply their character strengths across domains of their life.
  • Kids are armed with essential life skills embedded across programs including hundreds of animations, worksheets, key learning points, discussion questions, and interactive practice.

Let's take a closer look...

The GoZen! Professional subscription includes all of the following:

  • Our full suite of 8 animated programs
  • New Live-Action "challenge" program
  • Searchable Printable Content Library with additional materials, sorted by topic
  • 8 prerecorded one-hour Masterclasses for parents or professional development
  • Customer Support via email, phone or online chat
  • Online training for our team accounts on content and dashboard navigation

1 GoZen! Anxiety/Stress Relief Program

A breathing strategy to help students with anxiety

  • 6 Modules
  • 36 Animations
  • 75+ Minutes of Video

Our flagship animated program for kids of all ages who have anxious, fearful, or hopeless thoughts.

  • How anxiety/excessive worry affects the body & mind
  • Physical understanding of the brain and how it deals with worry
  • Recognizing "ThoughtHoles" or thoughts that distort reality
  • The 5Cs of resilience, the FARR Method and other techniques

2 GoStrengths! Well-being + Resilience Program

A scene from an animation to help students with anxiety

  • 10 Modules
  • 115 Animations
  • 125+ Minutes of Video

A comprehensive animated resilience program for kids of all ages used for bullying prevention, self confidence, and SEL skills.

  • Well-being, purpose, self-awareness and self-compassion
  • Resilience, grit, and character strengths
  • Problem solving and goal setting
  • Fixed vs. growth mindsets
  • Social connections and listening skills

3 GoHackify! OCD Relief Program

A scene from an animation to help students with anxiety in a resilience program for Schools


  • 5 Modules
  • 30 Animations
  • 110+ Minutes of Video
  • 165 pg. Kid Workbook

An animated program for use with kids experiencing OCD. Includes a workbook for kids as well as a support workbook for parents.

  • Identifying and managing intrusive thoughts
  • Identifying and managing repetitive behaviors
  • The continual cycle of Brain “Spam”
  • Techniques to help break the cycle
  • Extra material so parents are on the same page for a strong support system

4 GoToTheNow! Mindfulness Program

A scene from an animation to help students with anxiety in a resilience program for Professionals


  • 1 Module
  • 12 Animations
  • 40 Minutes of Video

An animated introduction to mindfulness for kids of all ages, featuring multiple tried-and-true exercises kids can follow along with.

  • The connection between thoughts and reactions
  • Being in the present moment vs focusing on the past or future
  • Breathing exercises, movement exercises and guided meditations
  • Finding calm from impulsive, hyperactive and reactive behaviors

5 GoPositive! Negative Thoughts Relief Program

A scene from an animation to help students with anxiety


  • 1 Module
  • 7 Animations
  • 30+ Minutes of Video

An animated program for tweens and teens all about negative self-talk, self doubt, and how to break free from negative thought cycles.

  • The "sticky" nature of negative thoughts
  • Transforming our relationship with negative thoughts
  • Treating yourself with compassion instead of criticism
  • Separating thoughts and feelings from our sense of self-worth

6 GoWave! Panic Attack Relief Program

A scene from an animation to help students with anxiety


  • 1 Module
  • 12 Animations
  • 55+ Minutes of Video

An animated program tweens and teens experiencing panic attacks all about dealing with uncomfortable feelings.

  • All about the Fight, Flight, or Freeze response
  • Recognizing triggers and mind tricks
  • Learning to "ride the wave of feelings"
  • How "What Iffing" can lead to panic
  • Methods to conquering panic attacks

7 GoAction! Procrastination Relief Program

Animation of strategies helping kids with anxiety in action, a resilience program for Kids & Teens


  • 1 Module
  • 6 Animations
  • 24+ Minutes of Video

An animated program for tweens and teens about procrastination and executive functioning skills.

  • The characteristics of procrastinators and how procrastinating creates problems
  • Breaking down goals into smaller steps and preparing for setbacks with When-Then and If-Then techniques
  • Insights from psychologist Dr. Tim Pychyl

8 GoCharge! Anger Transformation Program

GoCharge! Anger Transformation Animated Program


  • 4 Modules
  • 19 Animations
  • 50+ Minutes of Video

An animated program for tweens and teens about dealing with anger, frustration, and big reactions to situations.

  • Why anger is a normal, healthy emotion and the messages anger is trying to send
  • Breaking the cycle of angry reactions
  • How to "talk to" and transform your anger
  • Recognizing the underlying thoughts and emotions beneath angry thoughts or feelings
  • Feeling more in control and empowered

9 Anger Challenge Live-Action Program

Helping Kids with Anger

  • 2 Modules
  • 10 Videos
  • Printable Journal

A 10-part challenge video series + journal, taught by a peer!

  • Responding to anger instead of reacting to it
  • Understand what your anger is communicating
  • Identify positive character strengths in yourself and loved ones
  • Uncover stories you're telling yourself about your feelings
  • Practice conflict resolution in a healthy way

BONUS: Printable Library Journals, Flashcards, and more!

Printable Resilience Activities, Journals and Posters

An extensive, fully searchable library of PDF printables, categorized by topic or format so you can always find exactly what you're looking for.

  • Over 100+ printables that can be used separately or used as a complement to the programs
  • Handpicked "kits" grouped by age and topic making it very easy to use
  • New downloads are added each month, so there's always more to look forward to!

How do I know if GoZen! will work for my students/clients?

Listen to what other professionals have to say...

Starting image of a video about strategies to help students with anxiety

Jill Schaffer
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Starting image of a video about strategies to help students with anxiety

Matt Tetreault
School Counselor

Starting image of a video about strategies to help students with anxiety

Kara Coble
Child Behavior Therapist

Starting image of a video about strategies to help students with anxiety

Tara Haggerty
School Adjustment Counselor

Starting image of a video about strategies to help students with anxiety

Keitha Chalupa
School Counselor

Starting image of a video about strategies to help students with anxiety

Valorie Tatum
Learning Behavior Specialist

GoZen! is nothing short of great. In simple language, the animated characters explain what anxiety is, how the brain works in response to anxiety, and ways to change your thinking so that you are in charge of your thoughts and feelings.

From kids with normal worries and fears to those who suffer from anxiety, this program works.

James J. Crist, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Best-selling author
Clinical Director of the CFCC

I absolutely LOVE the GoZen! program. As a specialist in CBT for anxiety and related disorders, I have not come across a program until seeing yours that has been even remotely as well executed, clinically sound, and engaging as GoZen!

I am so pleased to have added it to my library of clinical tools and eagerly await anything else you may release.

Dr. Allison Solomon, Psy.D., PLLC
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I am always looking for ways to grab students’ attention and find meaningful ways to explain key therapeutic concepts. The GoZen! videos have helped engage even some of my more challenging students. The humor and relatability of the characters help children feel more at ease and ready to discuss their experiences.

I have used this program with both elementary and middle school. It provides a comprehensive understanding of anxiety and strategies to manage this uncomfortable emotion. It provides a complete curriculum, but I have also used segments to augment my own lessons. It has been a great addition to my groups and a powerful tool in my arsenal.

Kerine Casteel, LCSW
Pepin Academies

As a parent of children who struggle with anxiety and a mental health clinician working with many clients who also struggle with anxiety, I have found GoZen! to be informed by empirical research, accessible to both children and adults, engaging and interesting and most importantly, effective.

This is the first program that has provided tools my children readily understand and use on their own. The creators of GoZen! brilliantly combine likable, amusing characters whose struggles validate the experiences of many children, with the latest in brain science research on effective anxiety treatment.

Elizabeth Wade, MS, LMHC

GoZen! has transformed research-based concepts into fun and multisensory learning modules and workbooks that are ideal for teachers and students. Thank you for sharing your words with my audience. The products you have already created are both brilliant and magical. I can’t wait to see what you create next.

Dr. Erica Warren
Learning Specialist
Educational Therapist

How do I start using GoZen!?

Imagine supplementing your own guidance with the power of animations to boost the learning process. Our programs are turn-key and provide everything you need for thorough teaching from lesson plans, key learning points, questions, worksheets, posters to even personalized certificates.


GoZen! in Classrooms

Many educators blend programs into their curriculum once per week for 15-25 minutes. Because you can show entire modules or single animations, GoZen! flexibly fits your needs.

How do you engage the class in the animations? Easy, just push play. Leave the rest up to us.

An online animation to help students with anxiety

GoZen! in Private Practice

Trying to teach a client or student about the flight-or-fight response to stress? Want to engage them in a deep breathing exercise? Supplement a counseling or therapy session with videos!

Handpick several animations in advance, or go through our animated programs module by module with kids in your office.

Students watching an animation to help students with anxiety

GoZen! for Small Group Activities

Use GoZen! at camp, after school or in other small group settings. Project videos or share a screen to show animations from the GoZen! programs in small group settings.

As a teacher, therapist, or coach, you can stream the videos from anywhere with an internet connection. Take a few minutes from one of your group activities to share some lessons and skills that kids can use for the rest of their life.

A student watching an animation to help students with anxiety

GoZen! for Individual Students/Clients

We prefer that a professional lead the way in teaching our programs. However, this is an option that can be added to your subscription for free based on the number of professional licenses purchased. It allows kids to access all eight of the animated programs on their own to practice skills, complete learning activities or share lessons with their family at home. Just mention it at the time of purchase and we will get you all set up!

GoZen! Works on any Device

A student watching an animation to help students with anxiety

Access programs from anywhere

Does it work on a phone? Yes. Does it work on a tablet? Yes. Does it work on a desktop? Yes. Does it work on Mars? Hmmm... maybe? 🙂

Program access is set up as individual logins, all you need is an internet connection. Project animations on a screen or play it on a phone; whatever your preference, the videos will look and sound great.

Are you ready to start helping kids with GoZen?

Use animations with your clients/students right away with the GoZen! Professional online program.

Which option is right for you?

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  • BONUS: Printable Library
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Need more licenses?

Volume Extended Licensing
  • 8 Animated Programs
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