gratitude rainbow craft for kids social and emotional learning

MindCrafts: Color your world with this gratitude craft!

Help your child color their world with gratitude with this colorful craft!

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Signs Your Child is Trying to Connect With You

4 Signs Your Child is Trying to Connect With You

BREAKING NEWS: Sometimes kids struggle to communicate directly or effectively. More on this shocking new revelation at 10:00. Yeah, no. Not such a big surprise, right? Whether they’re telling you at bedtime that they’re in…

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Explaining Anxiety to Kids

5 Phrases for Explaining Anxiety to Kids

Anxiety is tough! It can be uncomfortable, scary, and in extreme cases, it can prevent us from leading the lives we want to live. However, it’s ESPECIALLY tough when you don’t understand the feelings or…

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3 Myths About Growth Mindset

3 Myths About Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is all the rage! We’re sure you’ve heard of it. We’re confident you already know the difference between growth mindset and fixed mindset. Your kids have probably heard of it, too. Why, there’s…

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Five Phrases to Teach Kids to Disagree Respectfully

5 Phrases Your Kids Can Use to Disagree… Respectfully

“I can’t believe you like soccer! That’s so boring and dumb!” “No way we’re doing it that way. That’s the worst idea!” “That’s not true at all! I’m a way better drawer than her!” Sometimes…

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breathing technique tool for social and emotional learning and mindfulness for kids

Deep Breathing for Kids Made Fun!

The Fly High Breath Regulator is a perfect tool for kids and adults alike to teach calm and steady breathing in a super fun, gravity-defying way!

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feelings mat for daily check in and social emotional learning

MindCrafts: Build self-awareness with this feelings mat!

The Feelings Mat is a super fun and simple check-in that takes just a few minutes each day! Use it to track your mood and build better habits. Try it today!

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parenting rewind script instead of no

Parenting Rewind: Phrases to Try Instead of Saying, “NO!”

How we coach our children through respecting rules and boundaries is crucial. Try these alternative phrases the next time you need to tell your child “no!”

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