feelings mat for daily check in and social emotional learning

MindCrafts: Build self-awareness with this feelings mat!

The Feelings Mat is a super fun and simple check-in that takes just a few minutes each day! Use it to track your mood and build better habits. Try it today!

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parenting rewind script instead of no

Parenting Rewind: Phrases to Try Instead of Saying, “NO!”

How we coach our children through respecting rules and boundaries is crucial. Try these alternative phrases the next time you need to tell your child “no!”

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MindCrafts: Goal-setting Craft for Kids!

Do you have a goal that you’ve been trying to accomplish? Break that goal down and focus your attention with this MindCraft! Make that goal your reality!

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parenting rewind when your kid wants to quit

Parenting Rewind: What To Do When Your Child Wants to Quit

Does the thought of your child quitting an activity send you into emotional overdrive? Get to the bottom of those triggers with Parenting Rewind!

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when your child struggles with homework

Parenting Rewind: Child Not Doing Homework? Try This!

Do you find yourself getting frustrated with your kids not doing their homework? Get to the bottom of those triggers with Parenting Rewind!

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when kids struggle to listen to rules

Parenting Rewind: Kids Not Listening to Rules? Try This!

Find yourself getting frustrated when your kids won’t listen to the rules? You repeat yourself until you’re blue in the face to no avail. Read on if you relate…

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5 Benefits of Lying With Your Kids to Sleep

For those who do lie next to their kids at night, there is some good news (despite what you may have been told): your kids will be okay. In fact, you’re actually doing them some good.

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cranky cat craft for coping skills and emotional regulation

MindCrafts: Kids Manage Stress with Coping Cat

For kids, big emotions can feel really scary. Sometimes a reminder of the coping skills they already have is what’s needed. Try this coping cranky cat craft!

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