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Printable Packs for Ages 6-10

Mindfulness Printable Pack (PDF) (Ages 6-10)

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Want to help your child cut out habitual, negative thought patterns and avoid downward spirals of negativity? Mindfulness can help!

Make mindfulness fun with nearly 100 mindfulness activities across 3 different sets of illustrated flashcards.

Resilience Printable Pack (PDF) (Ages 6-10)

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The number one reason one person is more resilient than another is not genetics, biological factors, nor life circumstance; it’s the way they think!

The awesome news is that resilience can be learned and this pack, with over 120 pages of activities, including a journal, short stories, 65 printable cards, games, and posters, is a great way to start!

Growth Mindset & Grit Activity Kit (PDF) (Ages 6-10)

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Did you know that there is unhealthy and healthy perfectionism?

These printables will help your child recognize and adjust unhealthy perfectionistic tendencies using over 150 pages of activities, including a short story kit + 30 page journal, card games with over 80 cards, and a fun fortune teller activity with 40 phrases to develop a growth mindset.

Anger Transformation Activity Kit (PDF) (Ages 6-10)

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Every emotion provides information and deserves our attention, including anger. Your child will learn how to listen to and transform anger rather than push it down with over 75 pages of activities including games, over 100 illustrated cards, a 16-page journal, and more.

Printable Packs for Ages 11-15

Mindfulness Printable Pack (PDF) (Ages 11-15)

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The goal of mindfulness is to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgement or criticism and this vital skill has been shown to increase peace, contentment, and well-being. 

The 16 gorgeously illustrated Galaxy Breathing cards, 40 coloring sheets, and calm down cards included in this printable pack help bring your teen/tween into the present moment and incorporate mindfulness into their busy lives.

Resilience Printable Pack (PDF) (Ages 11-15)

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Resilience is the ability to overcome adversity and is vital to supporting your child’s life-long mental health. With over 70 pages of activities including multiple interactive journals, game, posters, DIY crafts and engaging information on strengths, this pack is a great way to build up and practice this essential skill.

Perfectionism Printable Pack (PDF) (Ages 11-15)

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Using over 150 pages of activities including stories, journals, and a beautifully illustrated cooperative game and worksheet, this printable pack will help your teen/tween develop a healthier relationship with perfectionism.

Negative Self-talk Transformation Pack (PDF) (Ages 11-15)

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There’s no one we listen to more often than ourselves and what that inner-voice says to us plays a huge role in how we navigate the world.

This printable pack includes over 170 pages of activities including 40 illustrated mindfulness exercises, comic-style worksheets, a journal, creative writing worksheets, an eBook, and interactive 3-part story to help your teen/tween’s inner-voice sound less like a bully and more like a coach.

Mega Printable Pack!

Mega Printable Pack

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Access ALL of the printables included in...

  • Anger Transformation Pack (Ages 6-10)
  • Mindfulness Pack (Ages 6-10 and 11-15)
  • Negative Self-talk Pack (Ages 11-15)
  • Perfectionism Pack (Ages 6-10 and 11-15)
  • Resilience Pack (Ages 6-10 and 11-15)
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