Resilience Printable Pack (PDF) (Ages 6-10)


9 Printable PDF Journals, Cards, Posters, Games, Activities and Stories that teach kids essential skills of resilience


This printable PDF pack includes:

  • Feelings Journal – a journal that teaches kids to recognize beyond basic emotions
  • Calm Down Cards – 50 simple calm-down techniques for young kids
  • Carry Your Coping Skills – a craftable toolbelt + a set of calm-down cards so kids can use their coping techniques in the moment
  • Chatters – a set of craftable talking heads for kids to practice engaging with their emotions
  • Strengths Bingo – character strengths bingo cards + caller cards for kids to play competitively or co-operatively
  • ABCs of Self-Regulation + ABCs of Growth Mindset Posters – printable posters to help kids regulate themselves & face challenges
  • Panic Flashcards – a set of cards for kids dealing with anxiety/panic attacks that remind them that uncomfortable feelings/thoughts will pass
  • What’s Right With This Picture? Workbook – a workbook filled with strength-focused stories that promote critical thinking and teach kids how to recognize strengths in themselves and others around them