Negative Self-talk Transformation Pack (PDF) (Ages 11-15)


6 Printable PDF Cards, Stories, and Worksheets that encourage kids to treat themselves with compassion


This printable PDF pack includes:

  • Thoughtbusters – a set of illustrated mindfulness exercises
  • Dear Saige – a journal where kids can practice treating others (and themselves!) with kindness and compassion
  • Self-compassion Journal – a journal to help kids break down the practice of self-compassion into simple steps
  • Inner Voice Worksheet – a comic-style worksheet in which kids learn to speak to themselves with compassion instead of criticism
  • Tapping for Zapping Away Anxiety – a storybook explanation of the Emotional Freedom Technique (similar to acupressure) for kids
  • Maze of Mirrors – a chilling three-part short story for teens that explores what self-compassion really is + discussion questions