Anger Transformation Activity Kit (PDF)


11 Printable PDF Journals, Flashcards, Worksheets and Activities that teach kids to have a better relationship with feelings of anger and frustration


This printable PDF pack includes:

  • Feelings Journal – a journal to help kids welcome feelings, even uncomfortable ones, and understand what their feelings are telling them
  • Frustration Tolerance – an activity book all about noticing and recognizing the body language of frustration
  • Name that Tone – a game about paying attention to tone of voice when communicating with others
  • Siblings Journal – a conflict-resolution journal aimed at kids with siblings
  • Calm Down Cards – 36 visual cues that inspire kids to use creative calming techniques when they are angry, anxious, or just want to release tension
  • Got Anger? Go Fish! – a game about learning to recognize emotions hidden beneath anger
  • Angranimals – a worksheet that encourages kids to turn their anger into creativity
  • Dynamo Anger Management – a game about using characters strengths to cope with and overcome frustrating situations
  • Zoom Out Cards – a set of trivia cards that evoke wonder and help kids put challenging situations into perspective
  • What’s the Full Story? – a worksheet that pushes kids to look deeper into the many thoughts & feelings that lie beneath an angry outburst
  • Anger Iceberg – a printable poster/activity to help kids recognize the other emotions hiding beneath anger