Dear Anxiety Podcast //

Episode 1: Worrying about Worry

Renee Jain
Ed Crasnick

Isn’t it interesting (and challenging) that one huge cause of anxiety is anxiety itself? Join hosts Ed and Renee as they discuss worrying about worry. They’ll introduce the mission of the Dear Anxiety podcast, and share tools to help both you and your child through bouts of anxiety. Show highlights:

  • How did we get here?
  • The first step in helping any child or grown up experiencing any type of anxiety
  • Roleplay: talking to children with nighttime fears
  • Minding the gap: a strategy to help when kids get frustrated or angry
  • Noticing and naming: a strategy to help walk kids through anxious states
  • Emotional fitness: what it is and how we should practice

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Dear Anxiety is a podcast for all ages to talk about the difficult emotions so many of us struggle with. We share research-based solutions for the greater mental wellness of your family, and we hope you’ll laugh with us along the way. Join hosts Ed Crasnick, a comedian and Emmy Award winning writer, and Renee Jain, positive psychology guru and founder of GoZen!

Does your child have a struggle they’d like to share? Submit your story to Dear Anxiety.

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Episode 2: Tackling the Perfectionism Monster


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