Parenting Rewind: What To Do When Your Child Wants to Quit

You’re getting in the car after your kiddo’s first baseball game! For the last few weeks, they eagerly wore their equipment around the house, modeled their gear, and practiced every afternoon in preparation for the big game. As you buckle yourself in, you hear your kid from the back say, “I don’t like baseball. I want to quit.” You quickly turn around, baffled. Like a reflex, you respond back, “What do you mean you want to quit?! We just spent all this time and money for you to play. Don’t be a quitter!” Your child goes silent and you realize that maybe that wasn’t the best reaction. Have you ever felt this? If so, you’re not alone. It may be time for a Parenting Rewind.

When we feel triggered, pausing before we react can feel difficult. But the more we practice this skill, the more reflexive it will become. Be patient with yourself, you already have the knowledge and skills to do this! If you find yourself here, pause and connect to yourself first. Recognize the trigger within yourself and ground yourself. Take a deep breath. By taking that moment for yourself, you’re preparing yourself to be there for your child. Now it’s time to connect with them. Listen and ask questions. Sometimes when children want to abruptly quit something, it’s because they’re discouraged or frustrated. Come up with a plan together and from there you can give more insight as to the next steps.

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