16 Things About Social Anxiety You Should Know

Facebook communities were asked to share some of their pet peeves about common perceptions regarding social anxiety. Below are just a few things people with social anxiety want others to know.

Social Anxiety Tips and Tools

What would you want people to know?

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2 thoughts on “16 Things About Social Anxiety You Should Know”

  1. Try not to slap a “label” on yourself. there is a book as big as manhattan fone book with diagnostic criteria for just about everything and minutia ….think the one of the latest added was addiction to video games

    you are a sensitive human being, that feels deeply ….don’t know if it ever really goes away but you’ve identified ways to deal with it…think i have a bit of it….way i cope with it is to do as few social scenes as possible….but then i’m not working….TLC might help too

  2. I am a very outgoing person in general, or at least, I am when I’m with my friends, so they have trouble believing that I have strong social anxiety, so I relate well to Amber’s struggle. My anxiety keeps me from being able to give presentations without having a meltdown afterward and I still can’t bring myself to approach new people without someone with me, and I’m planning to start counseling and treatment soon. As Geleen said, it really is so different from just being shy and it’s so consuming, and I’m excited at the prospect of getting it treated.


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