The #1 Thing Kids Want When They’re Stressed (Infographic)

Do kids feel stress? According to a survey of 875 9- to 13-year-old boys and girls, they sure do. Check out what stresses kids out from homework to school and how they cope in the infographic below. Then look at what a whopping 75% of kids said they really want when they’re stressed out — their parents’ help. Yet, this only ranked eighth on the list of coping methods used by kids.


We know our kids want our help and we want to help them. The challenge is bridging the gap in communication so we’re able to reach them when they need it most. How do you get your child to open up to you in times of stress?

About the survey: The KidsPoll is a collaboration of the Nemours Foundation/KidsHealth, the Department of Health Education and Recreation at Southern Illinois University — Carbondale, the National Association of Health Education Centers (NAHEC), and participating health education centers throughout the United States.

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3 thoughts on “The #1 Thing Kids Want When They’re Stressed (Infographic)”

  1. Fantastic article – and this reminds me why it is so important to keep my cup reasonably full, so when my kids do need me I have the emotional capacity to do all I can to help them through their stress and upset. Thank you!


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