The Science of Perfectionism Kit (86-page PDF)


Short Story and Interactive Journal for Kids 8+ Plus Lesson Plans for Teachers (Digital download)

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What age is the kit intended for?

  • Age 8ish and up

What’s it about?

When a child hyperfocuses on mistakes, when they avoid taking big and small risks for fear they will fail, when they procrastinate or put off tasks because they feel overwhelmed… these are hallmarks of perfectionism. If you’re the parent or teacher of a child who struggles with unhealthy perfectionist habits, you know how painful it can be to watch the struggle. But have no fear! That’s why we created the Science of Perfectionism Kit.

If you’ve ever tried to lecture a child about changing their perfectionistic habits, you know how effective that can be (not)! That’s why we teach our main ideas about curbing perfectionism via short story. In this kit, the story “I’mPerfect” is about a brother and sister who are both perfectionists, but who struggle in very different ways. Both Claire and Clayton are scared of letting anyone in their new school see them as imperfect. Claire makes herself sick studying constantly, never resting, needing 100% on each test. Clayton chooses to do nothing at all rather than be seen making a mistake. Neither of them are happy, and certain groups in the school aren’t helping. Join Claire and Clayton as they slowly learn that there is plenty of room for mistakes in life, and that failures are often the best way to grow.

Also included is an interactive journal with amazing worksheets specially designed to promote a growth mindset, demonstrate the value of failure, and encourage process over achievement. For teachers, there’s also a lesson plan for you, filled with recommendations for how you might include The Science of Perfectionism Kit in your classroom.

What’s inside? See samples:

What’s included in my download?

  • I’mPerfect short story (well, 7000 words short!)
  • Reflection questions
  • Group discussion questions
  • Interactive journal with awesome activities
  • Lesson plans
  • 86 pages of awesomeness!
  • PDF available for immediate download after purchase

Did you know?

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