Mindset (r)Evolution Cards


Practice identifying and adopting Growth Mindsets with this two-player cooperative card game. (Digital download)

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Format: Download for immediate play

Ages: 8+

“I’m not going to try that because I might fail,” or “You can’t get me to quit because I’m too resilient!” Which phrase would you rather hear from a child? Mindset can be the difference between rising to new challenges, or being afraid of effort. It can be the difference between learning from failures, or letting failures define them. Fortunately, there are fun things you can do every day to help shape their mindsets!

Introducing Mindset (r)Evolution, a challenging, cooperative card game that teaches players the value of a Growth Mindset, the importance of knowing our brains are muscles that can get stronger when they are exercised. Players “evolve” characters when they have the right mindset cards, and work together to overcome the fixed mindset, the belief that intelligence and abilities will never change. Based on the research of Dr. Carol Dweck, Mindset r(E)volution is intended for players ages 8 and up.

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