GoPositive! Negative Thoughts Online Program


This program for teens & tweens includes:

  • 1 Module, 7 Animations
  • 30+ Minutes of Video
  • Printable journal to accompany the lessons
  • 1 year of access

This is an online program. Nothing will be mailed.


Almost everyone has negative thoughts.

In fact, science reveals 94% of humans have negative thoughts! But what do we do when these negative thoughts keep coming back, over and over?

The goal is not to change your negative thoughts.

We know from research that the more you try to actively suppress a negative thought, the more it may repeat in your mind. Instead of changing our thoughts, we can change our relationship with them.

Introducing: Emotional Fitness!

This succinct 6-animation mini program walks teens and tweens through how to recognize when negative thoughts are taking over, and introduces 5 different tools they can use to break out of a negative thought cycle.

That’s what innercising at the 24-hour Emotional Fitness is all about!

This program is available for one-year access.

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