Parenting Rewind: Phrases to Try Instead of Saying, “NO!”

Have you ever found yourself going into auto-pilot response mode? For many of us, saying no is a reflex. You likely heard it growing up and know it as the universal way to get a child to know right from wrong. This Parenting Rewind is all about changing that language and empowering the choices within our children while maintaining rules and boundaries. Like any skill, it will take mindful and conscious practice to make this habit. You have the skills to do this and you got this! Instead of reacting and escalating, take a deep breath, and let your child know that you understand why they insist on asking for what they want. When we explain that we see them and hear them, kids are more likely to be open to understanding the rules and boundaries. From there, you can help support and guide your child to make a choice that they feel empowered in.

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