Til & Widdle

Who are Til & Widdle?

Til and Widdle


What’s up dudes? I’m Til!  I’m the thinker.  I chill out in the newer parts of the brain.  My j-o-b is to monitor your thoughts and help you make decisions based on logical thinking. I keep you calm and rational. I also help you think about future events, like that birthday par-tay that we’re going to next weekend!


Oh, hi, I’m Widdle!  I’m a worrier.  I live in the Old Brain.  I put you on alert in case there’s danger–that means I get you ready to run or fight! To you it may feel like worry. I’m supposed to talk to Til before putting you on alert, but sometimes I panic and do it anyway. Sorry if I get carried away, I’m just trying to protect you!  Still friends?

Why Til & Widdle?

Til & Widdle make learning about worry a lot more fun! Rather than lecture kids on abstract concepts, we find that kids learn better by watching the personification of rational thought and worry.

Til & Widdle are relatable, funny and helpful. Til helps kids practice rational thinking and decision-making when they’re worried and Widdle helps kids understand that a little worry is a good thing.

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