Eight 60-Second Anxiety Relief Tools for Kids (Infographic)

Keep this list handy in case you’re in need of a quick stress fix. These tools can be used in one minute or less to help bring down levels of stress and anxiety. Used repeatedly, these coping skills become habit.

60 Second Anxiety Relief Techniques for Kids

Download the poster below!

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6 thoughts on “Eight 60-Second Anxiety Relief Tools for Kids (Infographic)”

  1. Hi I would love to be able to print this out for my practice. I am a psychotherapist specializing in pediatric anxiety. Please let me know if how I can get this to be able to print out for my clients.

  2. Yes..a hard copy to keep handy would be HELPFUL!!! I would love to hang a copy of it in my son’s classroom at home so he can use refer to it to help himself!!!

  3. These look great. Always remember in rare cases there may be something physical going on. My son was recently diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis. This is a disease
    where the body’s own immune system attacks the brain causing damage. It presents with a whole lot of neuropsychiatric symptoms but is treatable with immunosuppressive drugs. My son’s first symptom was sudden fear around going to school. Anxiety is often a symptom. It looked exactly like school refusal until he developed insomnia and prolonged seizures. None of the psychologists we saw prior to his diagnosis had heard of it. Many children and adults are misdiagnosed with psychological difficulties and don’t get the right treatment.


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