Programs help Kids & Teens Transform Stress into Resilience

GoZen! Anxiety/Stress Relief Program

4-7-8 Breathing (3:30)

  • 6 Modules
  • 36 Animations
  • 75+ Minutes of Video

Does your child struggle with chronic worry or anxiety? The GoZen! anxiety relief program teaches your child how to understand and control their worry. And because stress, pressure and challenges are part of everyday life, these are skills your child will use forever.

For Families or For Professionals

GoStrengths! Well-being + Resilience Program

Why is Neutrino Here?

  • 10 Modules
  • 115 Animations
  • 125+ Minutes of Video

Arm your kids with well-being! GoStrengths! is a comprehensive social and emotional learning program focusing on 8 vital skills including goal-setting, optimistic thinking, problem-solving, resilience, character strengths, emotional regulation, social skills, and self-confidence.

For Families or For Professionals

GoHackify! OCD Relief Program


  • 5 Modules
  • 30 Animations
  • 110+ Minutes of Video
  • 165 pg. Kid Workbook

Is your child engaging in ritual behavior or plagued with repetitive, negative thoughts that won't stop coming back? This program follows Kai and Sage; two kids whose intrusive thoughts are affecting their everyday life. The Dynamos step in to teach them how to combat their "Brain Spam" and take back control!

For Families or For Professionals

GoToTheNow! Mindfulness Program


  • 1 Module
  • 12 Animations
  • 40 Minutes of Video

Do you want to bring the art and science of mindfulness into your kids' lives? Join Neutrino's student, Tau, on this concise program that walks the kids (and adults!) of Fliderdale through some tried-and-true mindfulness exercises... with a GoZen! twist.

For Families or For Professionals

GoPositive! Negative Thoughts Relief Program


  • 1 Module
  • 7 Animations
  • 30+ Minutes of Video

This succinct 7-animation program walks teens and tweens through how to recognize when negative thoughts are taking over, and introduces 5 different tools they can use to break out of a negative thought cycle.

For Families or For Professionals

GoWave! Panic Attack Relief Program


  • 1 Module
  • 12 Animations
  • 55+ Minutes of Video

Neutrino and a brand new team are on an action-packed mission to Earth to uncover the truth behind panic attacks. Teens & tweens learn about their innate superpowers; the fight, flight, or freeze response; and how to understand and overcome the overwhelming feelings panic attacks cause.

For Families or For Professionals

GoAction! Procrastination Relief Program

  • 1 Module
  • 6 Animations
  • 24+ Minutes of Video

Taylor is totally awesome, but he's also totally disorganized, always late for class, and days behind on his homework. He's a chronic procrastinator! Luckily, he gets research-based tools to curb his procrastination from... his future self!

For Families or For Professionals

Plus Content Library Downloadables & Printables


  • Activity Kits
  • Audio Stories
  • Flashcards
  • ... And more!

The Plus content library includes standalone animations and printables on topics not yet covered in our full programs, such as anger management, self-compassion, your inner voice, and more. New material is added each month, so there's always more to look forward to!

For Families or For Professionals