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100 Psychology and Education Experts have Advice for Parents

How do you support a tween with anxiety? How do you motivate a kid that doesn't want to do their homework? How do you help a child struggling to sleep at night? How do you help kids turn off their devices? How do you raise resilient, happy, inspired, thriving children?

As parents, we all have questions. So, we asked the experts! Not just any experts, but people at the forefront of their fields. We asked #1 NYT Bestselling Author Angela Duckworth how to raise gritty kids. We asked the world's expert on procrastination, Dr. Tim Pychyl, how to motivate kids. We asked actor and activist Howie Mandel about raising mentally well-adjusted kids.

And we didn't just ask... we drilled for answers and insights on a wide variety of topics such as self-regulation, coping with anxiety, motivation in school, sleeping well at night, and much more! We've conducted in-depth interviews with each of these experts and put together what we feel is the world's best library of advice on raising kids who thrive.

Now you can access this ever growing library for less than what it would cost to have one private session with most of our experts.

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