Got 24 Minutes a Week for Well-being?

In about 24 minutes a week, you can arm your youthlings with 8 vital life skills to increase their resilience and happiness. If you are a parent, this program will provide you the tools to better connect with your children, understand their predictable (or not-so predictable) behavior, teach them to effectively cope with challenges, deal with stress, anxiety, and negativity, and practice evidence-based methods to increase their happiness.

You will learn techniques based on cutting edge psychological research (with all academic guck translated!) to practically integrate skills of well-being into your life. GoStrengths! is based on a foundation of pragmatism, so you'll get step-by-step methods to take action and increase the well-being of your family.

How does your child deal with problems?


Your daughter had her heart set on making the soccer team, but she missed the cut. Your son was the only one not invited to schoolmate's party. Which option most relates to the way your child would explain this adversity?

  1. My child would focus on their own inadequacies and insist everything goes wrong in their life.
  2. My child would exaggerate the gravity of the problem and find it hard to put it in perspective.
  3. My child would be disappointed, but understand the feelings were temporary.

The way your child explains challenges they face has a large impact on their ability to rise above the adversity. This skill known as resilience. Resilience is not reserved for those born lucky or for those raised in privileged environments. Resilience is a skill anyone can acquire with practice.

Anyone can learn skills of resilience?

Yes. Absolutely. Research reveals while genetic, biological factors, and life circumstance influence one's resilience, it is not the biggest factor. The biggest reason one person is able to better overcome challenges than another is due to the difference in thinking styles. In fact,

"Every reaction you have to a negative event in your life is not because of the event, it is because of your interpretation or thoughts about the event."

In this community, you will learn about your thinking style and how your thoughts are the cornerstone to well-being. You will learn how what you think affects how you react in every situation. You will increase your emotional awareness and regulation which will help you effectively deal with problems and decrease the stress in your life.

By taking one of our well-being courses, you will provide youthlings with a life long tool which will serve them in every domain of their adult life. When they encounter problems at work, they will have skills to deal with them. When life throws a relationship curve ball at them, they will be able to overcome and even grow from their experience. And in the here and now, resilience skills can work to reduce and even prevent symptoms of depression and anxiety-two of the most common disorders in youth.

Yes, I want to teach my child skills of resilience!

Beyond surviving, begin thriving!

Martin Seligman, a pioneer in the field of positive psychology, once said, "The absence of mental disorder does not equate to mental health." The focus on rooting on disease and disorder has created a myth that if there is nothing "wrong" with our kids, then things must be going "right." This is just not the case.


In order to raise thriving, productive, and engaged youth, we must go beyond disease and help them cultivate habits of true happiness. Sound hokey? Think you don't have time to teach your kids happiness because you need them to get good grades and be successful? No problem. Success and happiness go hand in hand. In fact...

Here are just a handful of scientifically researched benefits of happiness:

  • Happier people earn more money over their lifetime
  • Happier people are more productive and creative at work
  • Happier people are better negotiators
  • Happier people are more likely to get married
  • Happier people enjoy better relationships and longer marriages
  • Happier people cultivate more friendships
  • Happier people are more pro-social or volunteer more
  • Happier people cope better with stress and trauma
  • Happier people have greater protection against heart disease and stroke
  • Happier people live longer

It is possible for anyone to reap the benefits of a happier life, because happiness is a skill. GoStrengths! teaches parents, teachers, and kids this skill through evidence-based methods. You will find the path to greater purpose and deeper joy in your life. Join us on this journey of greater well-being and start implementing the 8 skills from day one.

Learn skills supported by scientific research:

Below you'll see the 8 skills we focus on in this course. Simply said, each skill does either one of two things: helps you deal with challenges (to decrease the "bad stuff") or helps boost happiness (to increase the "good stuff") in your life. But don't be fooled by our seemingly simple structure; these skills have the power to truly better the quality of your life and relationships.

8 Skills SEL Social and Emotional Learning GoStrengths

What will the 8 skills teach your child?

  • ... why we react they we they do in any situation and what to do...
  • ... the sure-fire way to cool any heated situation down...
  • ... how to cultivate a growth mindset...
  • ... how character strengths can help you solve problems and live a more fulfilling life...
  • ... the fundamentals of resilience and a 5-step method for overcoming challenges...
  • ... the scientifically backed methods to setting effective goals...
  • ... what realistic optimism is and hopeful ways to view the world...
  • ... how to find pathways to deeper meaning, purpose, and engagement in your life...
  • ... and a whole lot more, we promise!

Yes, I want to teach my child skills of resilience!

What exactly do you get?

Here's a module-by-module overview:


Module 1: GoWellBeing!

What is well-being (and why should you care)? This module provides you with the foundational principles in the GoStrengths! course.


Module 2: GoAwareness!

Why do you do what you do? Understand why you have certain emotional reactions to challenges or difficult situations in life.

Skill: Emotional Intelligence


Module 3: GoRegulate!

Watch out for ThoughtHoles! Discover 8 common errors in thought, how they affect your resilience, and how you can fix them.

Skill: Emotional Intelligence


Module 4: GoResilience!

The 5Cs: Catch, Check, Collect, Challenge & Change! Learn the 5C method to increase your resilience and overcome challenges.

Skill: Resilience


Module 5: GoSolveIt!

Superhero Problem-Solving! Practice the 6-step Superhero Problem-solving Process to solve any problem you may have.

Skill: Problem-solving


Module 6: GoStrengths!

What is right with this picture? Uncover your greatest strengths and learn why they matter.

Skill: Character Strength Development


Module 7: GoMindset!

Promote the process! Identify your fundamental beliefs about success and cultivate a growth mindset.

Skill: Self-confidence


Module 8: GoOptimism!

Practicing happiness! Practice research-based methods to increase your optimism and happiness.

Skill: Optimistic Thinking


Module 9: GoConnect!

Spinning a strong web! Strong social connections are vital to humanoid well-being. Learn the best ways to make and strengthen friendships.

Skill: Social Connections


Module 10: GoFlourish!

Humanoid flourishing! Learn how to effectively set short and long-term goals using the SCCAB model of goal-setting.

Skill: Goal-Setting

Here's what professionals say
about GoZen! programs:

I absolutely LOVE the GoZen! program. As a specialist in CBT for anxiety and related disorders, I have not come across a program until seeing yours that has been even remotely as well executed, clinically sound, and engaging as GoZen!

I am so pleased to have added it to my library of clinical tools and eagerly await anything else you may release.

Dr. Allison Solomon, Psy.D., PLLC
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

As a parent of children who struggle with anxiety and a mental health clinician working with many clients who also struggle with anxiety, I have found GoZen! to be informed by empirical research, accessible to both children and adults, engaging and interesting and most importantly, effective.

This is the first program that has provided tools my children readily understand and use on their own. The creators of GoZen! brilliantly combine likable, amusing characters whose struggles validate the experiences of many children, with the latest in brain science research on effective anxiety treatment.

Elizabeth Wade, MS, LMHC

I am always looking for ways to grab students’ attention and find meaningful ways to explain key therapeutic concepts. The GoZen! videos have helped engage even some of my more challenging students. The humor and relatability of the characters help children feel more at ease and ready to discuss their experiences.

I have used this program with both elementary and middle school. It provides a comprehensive understanding of anxiety and strategies to manage this uncomfortable emotion. It provides a complete curriculum, but I have also used segments to augment my own lessons. It has been a great addition to my groups and a powerful tool in my arsenal.

Kerine Casteel, LCSW
Pepin Academies

GoZen! has transformed research-based concepts into fun and multisensory learning modules and workbooks that are ideal for teachers and students. Thank you for sharing your words with my audience. The products you have already created are both brilliant and magical. I can’t wait to see what you create next.

Dr. Erica Warren
Learning Specialist
Educational Therapist

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We'll take the risk for you!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you and your children will love GoStrengths! that we’ll take all the risk for you. Try out the online program for 30 days and if you don’t like it, we’ll provide you your money back–no questions asked. Remember, you will have access to every animation in the well-being + resilience program right away!

Still have questions?

Is my child too old (or young) for GoZen! programs?

We created these animations for children ages 7-15ish. But honestly, we have children from ages 4-25 using GoZen! right now. Why? These life skills are universal. To figure out if your child will respond to the animations and characters, have them watch a few of the samples available from the homepage. Most kids like the program as there is an element of humor which makes the learning engaging.

Will it work for my child?

GoZen! creates informational program to teach your kids some research-based coping, resilience, and happiness skills. We’re not medical professionals, so we always recommend seeing your doctor about any condition you believe your child may be experiencing. Think of the program like a book (except a lot more fun). We’re providing information in an engaging format and a lot of kids respond to it because it’s relatable and easy to understand.

Can my kid(s) go through the program on their own?

Sure! That said, we strongly recommend parents go through programs with children as this will facilitate implementing the new tools they learn.

How long does it take to go through GoStrengths?

We recommend going through 1 module every few days. There are 10 modules in total. Some prefer to go through it all at once and then go back through it again at a slower pace. You have access to the program for one full year, so you can always come back.

Can I download the videos?

All of the videos are available through online streaming, so while you cannot download them, you can access them from anywhere with an internet connection.

Are the programs mobile friendly?

Yup! We designed all of GoZen! to be mobile friendly. If you run into something that doesn't work, we're happy to troubleshoot with you.

What if it doesn't work?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee on our online programs. We won’t charge you if it isn’t working for you.

What if I still have questions?

You can contact us at any time with questions by sending an email to, or asking through live chat when we're online.