Do you want to bring mindfulness into your kids' lives?

Join Neutrino's student, Tau, on this mini-program that walks the kids (and adults!) of Fliderdale through some tried-and-true mindfulness exercises... with a GoZen! twist.


Kids have anxious thoughts all the time. Research shows us that anxious thoughts are often blown out of proportion, skewed, or just plain wrong. Even so, thoughts have power. Why? Because thoughts influence feelings and behaviors.

A simple thought passing through a child’s mind can cause them to feel scared, worried, or sad; it can cause them to sulk, withdraw, or act out.

Anxious thoughts can become habitual and tip kids into a downward spiral of negativity.

So, what if we could teach our kids to take some of that power back? What if we could teach them how to respond to their thoughts instead of react to them?

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment and observing your surroundings, senses, thoughts and feelings... without judging them. In essence, it's about training our own awareness and turning that into a life skill.


At the heart of this practice is the idea that you are not your thoughts.

Mindfulness is all about observing your thoughts and feelings as something separate from yourself. When you observe your thoughts and circumstances instead of judging them, it's much easier to see that your feelings (and situations) are transient.

You are not your thoughts; you simply have thoughts.


People have three basic channels of thoughts: Past, Present, and Future. We know from science that humans spend approximately 47% of their time “thinking” about the past or future, and it turns out this drains our happiness. Mindfulness helps us tune into the present moment, which helps us experience greater contentment, fulfillment and joy.

Regular mindfulness practice can create a genuine, positive shift in attitude.

It doesn’t take a particular posture or formal training to engage your mind and body in the present moment--but at GoZen! we want to make it even easier for you to introduce the core skills of mindfulness into your child's life so that they can experience the numerous benefits of this practice.

Our concise GoToTheNow! program walks kids through a sequence of research based mindfulness exercises that have been shown to boost attention, increase compassion, regulate emotions, calm the nervous system, enhance adaptability and cultivate resilience.

Learning how to tune into the present moment is a skill that kids can learn and grow, and with time and practice, mindfulness can help kids thrive in school, at home and in life.

Ready to teach your child the
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