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Perfect for any kid or teen who has ever felt: Anxious. Insecure. Nervous. Overwhelmed. Or just plain blah.



Is your kid or teen struggling with anxiety, confidence, or challenging emotions? Send them on a mission to unlock their courage, discover their strengths, cultivate resilience, and find their true purpose!

Mission Me is a full-color 144-page journal packed with research-based tools and exercises for accomplishing those things, and so much more!

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GoZen! has been featured in:

USA Today, Good LIfe Project, NPR, The New York Times, Today

Kids and teens learn to...

Transform anxiety and panic

Embrace core strengths

Understand challenging emotions

Escape the pull of negative thoughts

Find meaning and purpose

Interact with confidence

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Three ways Mission Me works


SCIENCE: Mission Me takes the science of courage, confidence, and resilience and transforms it into engaging learning for tweens and teens.



EXERCISES: Mission Me offers exercises to practice right on the pages! By writing in the journal, readers literally make it a personalized text specific to their own experiences.



REAL LIFE: Mission Me provides tools that can be used in real life! The journal is of practical tools that can be applied in schools, homes, sports teams, or anyplace kids need help.


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Experts are talking about Mission Me


"Kids face more social pressure than many of us realize. I'd gift each of them this journal if I could."

Kanchan Koya, PhD
Bestselling Author


"Practical, science-based tools bundled into a beautiful, engaging, and easy to understand journal."

Elisha Goldstein, PhD
Mindfulness Expert


"Schools teach math, language, science... but they don't teach kids to be themselves. This book does that."

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, MAPP
Founder of The Flourishing Center

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About the creators

GoZen! teaches kids and families the skills of resilience. Everything we do at GoZen! follows the principle that emotional well-being can be cultivated through practice. Yes, we believe feeling good, confident, and happy is a skill!  We offer a suite of educational programs and tools designed to give parents and practitioners what they need to arm kids with essential life skills to not only manage their feelings, but to live with deeper engagement and purpose.

GoZen! creates books, animations, podcasts, worksheets, and so much more. We teach everything from the science behind why we feel the things we feel, to specific techniques for overcoming challenging emotions, to discovering one’s strengths.

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Who is Mission Me for?

Kids & Teens

If you're between the ages of 7-17 (or around there) and have ever felt anxious, insecure, nervous, unmotivated, overwhelmed, or just plain blah, this journal was made for you. 


The tools in this journal can be used day to day by parents and guardians to help their children manage their well being. With dozens of exercises, facts, and plenty of research-based advice, you'll have the language you need to boost your child's confidence.


Truly this journal is for everyone who ever needed help understanding their emotions, boosting their confidence, or finding their true selves. It contains universal solutions and tools to help tap into our innate strengths.

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Mission Me Starter

$24 1 Journal + 50 Resilience Boosters
  • 1 Mission Me Journal (Hardcover)
  • 144 Pages of Interactive Journaling
  • Bonus: Mission Me Book Club Videos
  • Bonus: 50 Additional Resilience Boosting Exercises for Kids & Teens (PDF)

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