Introducing GoMindset!

Kids Turn Mistakes and Frustration into Growth and Potential!

Kids and tweens take on challenges, persevere through frustration, and foster a growth mindset using the science-based tools in this new animated series!


GoMindset! teaches kids & tweens to:

  • Identify and use mistakes as a springboard for growth
  • Talk back to self-critical inner voices
  • Handle frustration and work through it
  • End unproductive comparisons to peers
  • Use science-backed goal-setting techniques
  • Accept feedback and get support
  • Understand how to reach their potential
  • Redefine the true meaning of "smart"

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Join Maneesha on her journey from wanting to QUIT to using her GRIT!

Maneesha gets extremely frustrated when she's learning something new. It feels like learning comes easier to everyone else, especially her sister. Thankfully, before she decides to give up learning altogether, she meets the brilliant (and slightly wacky) scientist Wild Wanda. Together, they discover the keys to taking on challenges and developing a growth mindset!

Kids Growth Mindset Animated Program

Here's what's included in GoMindset!

GoMindset! is broken down into 3 modules, including 11 content-packed animations, key learning points, discussion questions, and a 50+ page journal. Take a sneak peek into each module:


Module 1: Maneesha's Mistakes

Meet Maneesha. Learning something new frustrates her - a LOT! She doesn’t like it when other people see her mistakes, and doesn’t want anyone to think she needs help. When Maneesha learns from her sister Maya that mistakes might actually make her brain stronger, she feels there may be hope for her yet! With eccentric scientist Wild Wanda by her side, Maneesha begins to learn about the true power of mistakes.

Included: 3 videos, learning summary, journal

Module 2: Welcome to Learnia

Maneesha and Wanda use virtual reality to transport themselves to Learnia! Learnia represents the mind and how it learns. In this reality, Maneesha uncovers the secrets of learning including the science of neuroplasticity, secrets to frustration tolerance, how to ask for help, and much more!

Included: 4 videos, learning summary, journal

GoMindset! Growth Mindset Animated Program

Module 3: Climb to Potentia

Everything Maneesha has learned so far is put to the test when she nearly gives up in frustration - until Maneesha decides that she's tired of feeling like she wants to quit. Instead, she wants to GRIT! But what's waiting for her at the top of Potentia?

Included: 4 videos, learning summary, journal

The GoMindset! Journal

This 50+ page companion journal is a game changer! Dive deeper into each episode with fun activities and reflection questions. This journal is packed with so much content, it could be a program on its own. 🙂

Included:  50+ page fillable/printable journal


Unlike any other program on mindset, GoMindset!:

  • Changes your understanding of growth mindset
  • Lets you laugh as well as learn
  • Breaks down neuroscience and makes it practical
  • Teaches using animations and a journal

I'm ready for GoMindset!

Helping kids cultivate a growth mindset goes far beyond "Mistakes make your brain stronger!"

We're thrilled with the recent outpouring of love for growth mindset. From schools and homes to sports and work places, teaching people that their mindset directly affects their ability to learn, AND that mistakes can be a good thing, is wonderful! "Mistakes make my brain stronger!" boasts a popular poster. The thing is, it's not quite that simple.

Yes, mistakes can help us learn, but not all mistakes are made equal. There are different kinds of mistakes, and at the end of the day, it takes a little more than a mistake to make your brain grow. But don’t worry, we’ve done the research, and we’ve got your back.

In GoMindset!, kids get the tools they need to reach their potential! They learn what REALLY happens in their brains when they challenge themselves appropriately, and they learn how to persevere through frustration. We’re proud to invite you to participate in this content-packed program, complete with discussion questions and worksheets.

Can't wait to see you there!

- Renee Jain, Founder of GoZen!
Internationally Renowned Emotion and Resilience Expert

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The Science of Neuroplasticity

Research studies breaking down the science of neuroplasticity made kid friendly


Growth Mindset Posters

Growth mindset posters and coloring pages featuring characters from the program

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Renee Jain, MAPP

Created by: Renee Jain, MAPP

As founder and Chief Storyteller at GoZen!, Renee is recognized as a pioneer in marrying technology and child psychology in a unique approach that nurtures the hearts and minds of kids. Through her writing, product invention and development, masterclasses for parents, and children’s advocacy, she works to build the emotional intelligence of kids. Renee earned her Master’s degree in Positive Psychology – the scientific study of optimal human functioning – from the University of Pennsylvania and is the NYT bestselling co-author of Superpowered: Transform Anxiety into Courage, Confidence, and Resilience.


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