Does Worry Have a Grip on Your Kids?

Does worry have a grip on your kids?

From anxiety and overwhelm, to insecurity and fear of failure, worry takes many forms. Learning resilience helps kids face all of them.

The Many Masks of Anxiety

Maybe your child or teen doesn't sleep at night. Maybe they ask repetitive questions for reassurance, and no matter how many times you answer, they can't trust it. Maybe they come home from school and constantly pick fights with you or siblings. Maybe they're overwhelmed by homework or grades. Maybe your child can’t focus or stay motivated. Or maybe they're just downright angry. All. The. Time.

At GoZen!, we dive deep to help kids and teens find what's under their emotions and build long-term resilience to face anxiety's challenges.


Your 3-Step Emotional Mastery Action Plan

To get the most out of these resources, we’ve found that watching the videos together and working through the worksheets with your kids is one of the best ways to start a meaningful conversation. And remember - this is just the beginning! Check your email for even more resources.

Step 1: Discover where worry comes from

Ever wonder what actually makes us worry and feel anxious? Science tells us that worrying is actually a good thing. Yes, you read that right!

As you’ll find out in this short video, worry has an important role to play and it’s helped us survive over millennia.

So, before you do anything else, let’s first find out where your kids’ anxious, worrying thoughts come from. This can completely change their understanding of their worry and how it manifests.

Step 2: Find out how we make negative thoughts “stick”

Everyone has negative thoughts.

But that doesn’t mean they should be ruling our lives. The secret to making any thought stick is repetition. And the more we think the same thoughts over and over again, the more we make those negative thoughts “stick.”

So what can we do about it? Neuroscience shows us that all it takes is practicing and strengthening our emotional fitness through regular “innercise.”

An online animation to help students with anxiety

Step 3: Take it to the next level

If you’re looking for evidence-based programs and resources to help your kids transform their worry into courage and inner peace (instead of merely managing their anxiety), GoZen! and GoPositive! can be the perfect animated programs to add to your toolbox.

All of our animated SEL programs are backed by science and trusted by over 8500 mental health professionals. Through fun, colorful characters, immersive storytelling, kid-friendly language, and animations, we explain and normalize anxiety so kids can find relief, develop self-trust and realize that they’re not alone.

Transform worry into courage

How GoZen! has helped parents just like you:

GoZen! is awesome.

It has given me a way to discuss complex topics and challenges with my children. The scenarios described are real and very useful. It completely keeps the kids attention and if I’m honest given the science behind this, I’m learning as much as they are. Do your entire family a favor and invite this intergalactic gem into your home!

John V
Proud Parent
John V

My child has been through everything – and GoZen! has made THE impact for her.

We experienced a natural disaster last year in our city and she developed anxiety within days of the disaster. A year later a new psychologist (the 5th) introduced us to this series and it has made the WHOLE difference. Thank you so very much for bringing this in the format kids connect with compared to blowing bubbles and breathing exercises and doing worksheets!

Proud Parent
Renee Jain, MAPP

Meet Renee Jain

Founder and Chief Storyteller at GoZen!, NYT bestselling co-author of Superpowered, certified life coach, University of Pennsylvania MAPP graduate, resilience expert, co-host of the Dear Anxiety and Dear Anger podcasts, and mom of two.

Hi there! I’m Renee Jain.

As a kid, I used to be super anxious. It took me 10+ years and a visit to the ER for what I thought to be a heart attack in my 20s to realize that all my unprocessed feelings led my body to shut down.

Since then, I’ve studied every methodology of healing, yoga, meditation, tapping, and traditional psychology. But it wasn’t until I discovered positive psychology, the study of well-being, that I felt my purpose come to life.

My mission with GoZen! is to teach 1 million kids around the world how to become emotionally resilient. This is why we create science-backed resources and animated programs, giving kids (and their parents!) the emotional education I wish I had growing up.

So I am absolutely thrilled that you’re here!

Because, no matter what kind of support you need, knowing you’re not alone in this often challenging journey can be life-changing.

And this first step you took just moments ago is only the beginning.

With all my love and gratitude,

Ready for more in-depth, transformational resources to support your kids?

At GoZen!, we teach kids and parents the skills of mindfulness, happiness, and resilience through engaging animations, immersive storytelling, and funny characters your kids can relate to.

Find out more about the GoZen! Family Subscription and our bite-sized animated programs, so you can support your kids’ social and emotional development on demand, from the comfort of your home.

Yes, I’m ready to take the next step

Why mental health professionals recommend GoZen!

Wow, GoZen!

This is a bite-size, kid-friendly, clinically accurate worry-fighting program where skills are clearly explained and amply reinforced. If you buy one product this year to help your anxious child, make it GoZen! Really. It’s that good.

Dawn Huebner, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Best-selling author
James J. Crist, PhD

This is the first program that has provided tools my children readily understand and use on their own.

As a parent of children who struggle with anxiety and a mental health clinician working with many clients who also struggle with anxiety, I have found GoZen! to be informed by empirical research, accessible to both children and adults, engaging and interesting and most importantly, effective. 

The creators of GoZen! brilliantly combine likable, amusing characters whose struggles validate the experiences of many children, with the latest in brain science research on effective anxiety treatment.

Elizabeth Wade, MS, LMHC
Elizabeth Wade, MS, LMHC

Your programs and methods resonate more with me and my professional practices than any other program.

I have worked as a school social worker for the last three years and GoStrengths! is the best, most engaging, and most comprehensive SEL program I have found after months of research! Finding a program that covered all areas of social emotional learning as laid out by the collaborative for academic and social and emotional learning proved very difficult. GoStrengths! does it in a kid friendly and research based way!

Theresa Arnold
School Social Worker
Theresa Arnold

Our programs have been featured in:

USA Today, Good LIfe Project, NPR, The New York Times, Today