Dear Anxiety

Episode 4: Transforming Anger for Kids

We’ve learned that transforming our own relationship with anger is the first step toward helping our families. Now we turn the focus to helping our children manage this overwhelming emotion.

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Episode 3: Transforming Anger for Parents

Anger is a stigmatized emotion, one that nobody is proud of, and one we are discouraged from feeling. But is ignoring our anger really the way to go?

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Episode 2: Tackling the Perfectionism Monster

Perfectionism isn’t always about getting things right. Often, it’s about avoidance, unhealthy comparisons, and anxiety over showing up as you really are.

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Episode 1: Worrying about Worry

Isn’t it interesting (and challenging) that one huge cause of anxiety is anxiety itself? Join hosts Ed and Renee as they discuss worrying about worry about what to do about it.

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