Resilience Programs for Families, Schools, & Professionals

For Families

Online programs for kids, tweens, teens, and parents

How do you actually help your kids age 6-15 cope with overwhelming emotions? GoZen! gives you the language, skills, and tools you need to transform your kid's big emotions into resilience.

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For Schools & Professionals

Programs for schools, therapists, counselors, and professionals working with kids & teens

A creative & effective way to transform stress & anxiety into resilience! The GoZen! suite of online educational programs that teach essential SEL skills through story, adventure, and interactive practice.

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Let's take a closer look...

GoZen! annual subscriptions include all of the following:

Our full suite of 9 animated programs + 1 live-action "challenge" program

150+ expert interviews for parents or professional development

Searchable & sortable printable content library with new content every week

Customer Support via email, phone or online chat

GoZen! Anxiety/Stress Relief Program


Anxiety/Stress Relief Animated Program

GoStrengths! Well-being/Resilience Program


Well-being/Resilience Animated Program

GoMindset! Growth Mindset Program


Growth Mindset Animated Program

GoCharge! Anger Transformation Program


Anger Transformation Animated Program

GoToTheNow! Mindfulness Program


Mindfulness Animated Program

GoPositive! Negative Thought Relief Program


Negative Thought Relief Animated Program

GoWave! Panic Attack Relief Program


Panic Attack Relief Animated Program

GoAction! Procrastination Relief Program


Procrastination Relief Animated Program

GoHackify! OCD Relief Program


OCD Relief Animated Program

Anger Transformation Challenge Program

Anger Challenge

Anger Transformation Live-Action Program

Experts On-Demand

Experts On-Demand

Expert Interviews, Workshops and more!

Printable Library

Printable Library

Activity Kits, Journals, Flashcards and more!