Widdle The Worrier


Widdle the Worrier is a talking doll that gives your child tips and coping techniques every time you squeeze his tummy. Widdle is effective for role-playing and a fantastic teaching tool. He’s also really cute!

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Kids love Widdle the Worrier

Meet Widdle: The Superhero of Worry!

If you have an anxious child, you know exactly how hard it can be for them to express how they’re feeling. Their worry can easily take on a life of its own and there’s simply no ignoring it.

Widdle the Worrier to the rescue!

Think of him as a superhero. But instead of x-ray vision or superhuman strength, Widdle takes care of your child’s worry. Widdle’s superpower is helping your child take the abstract idea of worry to make it tangible.

With Widdle, your child can start to separate worried thoughts from rational ones and lessen their feeling of having no control over their worry. When they’re frustrated or struggling, Widdle gives them a voice.

Widdle helps your child with anxiety by externalizing their worry to:

  • Put distance between your child and the anxiety they’re experiencing.
  • Lower resistance to talking about the anxiety and allows your child to be more objective in ways to address it.
  • Help your child be part of the solution-crafting process.

Did you know Widdle can actually Talk?!

Widdle isn’t just another stuffy for your child to add to their collection. He’s a talking doll that works with your child right when they need it. All they have to do is squeeze his tummy and he shares one of his 10 tips. Widdle offers up coping skills for your child and sometimes a bit of humor. With Widdle, your child has an ally when it comes to worry.

Widdle’s there to take responsibility for how they are feeling and he can be used for role play so they can work through what they’re experiencing.

Widdle provides these 10 Tips:

This is what Widdle says followed by the conceptual underpinning in brackets:

  • “Tell me the best, worst, and most likely thing that will happen.” [Risk assessment]
  • “What’s one good thing that happened this week? Tell me about it.” [Gratitude]
  • “I get how you feel. It’s okay, a little worry can even protect us.” [Stress-enhancing mindset]
  • “GoCatch! your thoughts. Are you exaggerating? Tell me about the facts.” [Rectifying cognitive distortions]
  • “I can’t stop worrying that my shirt looks silly. Can you teach me not to worry?” [Teaching as a learning tool]
  • “I know worry can feel scary, but it will pass. Remember, you’re not alone.” [Temporary nature of worry]
  • “Are you What Iffing? Instead say: If this happens, then I’ll do this.” [Re-engaging logic]
  • “Tell me about what you smell, taste, touch, see, and feel right now.” [Mindfulness]
  • “Repeat after me: I am healthy, happy, and peaceful.” [Loving-kindness meditation]
  • “Worried? GoFreeze! with a deep breath in the nose and out your mouth.” [Mindfulness]

What are parents saying?

We consistently hear from parents how much their children love Widdle because he’s there to let them handle their worry as they need him.

“I just had to share a quick story with you.  My daughter Ella, who is now 10, has struggled with anxiety since the age of 6.  In the past couple years, we’ve had a very tough time especially with panic attacks.  Since beginning GoZen!, Ella has started talking about tools and is even using laddering which has been amazing to see, but I was still worried if she’d be able to use those tools during a panic attack.

When I purchased the program, we also purchased the Widdle the Worrier doll. I wasn’t sure we’d ever use it, but it seemed like a cute addition.  The other night, a panic attack was triggered and first the first time ever, her tools were put to the test. She just happened to grab Widdle for comfort and, to our surprise, we found that he talked! Using Widdle’s suggestions, Ella was able to stay calm until her panic subsided and she was able to do it by herself!  A big win for us!  :)” ~Carin, Proud Parent  

Kids love Widdle the Worrier

Get Widdle the Worrier Now and Give Your Child a Powerful Way to Manage Anxiety.

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