Resilient Child Summit


  • 21 experts offering over 50 practical tools and insights to help kids cultivate resilience
  • Over 21 hours of inspiring interviews packed full of powerful strategies and transformative interventions which really work
  • Downloadable transcripts, audio, and exclusive bonus material
  • Lifetime access to the Resilient Child Summit to go through in your own time at your own pace. Give yourself “top-ups” whenever you feel the need!


Why Resilience is one of the most important life skills you can teach your child…

If you ask a parent what they want for their child in the future, they often respond with “health and happiness.” Yet, when it comes to health, our focus remains on physical health. We teach them the values of good eating and exercise. We take precautionary measures with doctor and dental visits. We invest in physical health, and we leave their mental and emotional health up to hope.

Mental health disorders affect more people than cancer, aids, and diabetes combined.  By the year 2030, depression will be the single greatest burden of disease worldwide; comorbid with depression is anxiety. 80% of people who receive treatment for depression and anxiety respond to that treatment. Unfortunately, most adults never receive treatment. And the same goes for our children.

Here is the hope: Research shows that teaching skills of resilience before a mental health condition arises can actually *prevent* it from taking full form.  In other words, we can teach our kids skills to give them the health and happiness we hold sacred.

Our Resilient Child Summit builds on what Resilience science has revealed; we can teach resilience to our children. Just like watering seeds, our specially selected, do-able tools and practices can help us cultivate resilience in our children, tipping the scale of our children’s lives towards increased well-being and happiness.

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