The Science of Perfectionism Kit for Tweens/Teens (62-page PDF)


Short Story and Interactive Journal for Kids 11+ Plus Lesson Plans for Teachers (Digital download)

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What age is the kit intended for?

  • Age recommendation for this kit: 11 and up
  • The kit for ages 8 and up is here

What’s it about?

Perfectionism isn’t always about doing things perfectly. It’s often about avoidance: not doing anything at all. When the idea of a mistake, or the thought of not being the best at something, causes fear and procrastination, you may have a teen struggling with unhealthy perfectionist habits. If you’re the parent or the teacher of kids who avoid challenging themselves and don’t achieve because of the risk of failure, you know how painful it to watch them struggle and not live up to their potential.

Enter the Rules of Assembly Interactive Kit. Using the power of narrative, we teach our methods for curbing perfectionism using short fiction and interactive journaling. The story, Rules of Assembly, takes place in a dystopian future, where machines and computers subject their human laborers to high standards of perfection. The humans, raised from birth to believe that perfection is the only acceptable path through their captive lives, slowly discover that failure is actually a path to achievement, and if they’re willing to take risks, they may just escape their captors.

Included with the story is an interactive journal with amazing worksheets specially designed to promote a growth mindset, demonstrate the value of failure, and encourage process over achievement. For teachers, there’s also a lesson plan for you, filled with recommendations for how you might include The Rules of Assembly Interactive Kit in your classroom.

What’s inside? See samples:

What’s included in my download?

  • Rules of Assembly short story
  • Reflection questions
  • Group discussion questions
  • Interactive journal with awesome activities
  • Lesson plans
  • 62 pages of awesomeness!
  • PDF available for immediate download after purchase

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