Panic: Bring it On!


7 module mini-course for adults to help break the cycle of panic attacks.


What will you learn in this quest?

Become your own panic expert. You’ll learn about why you get panic attacks, what happens to your body when you’re in one, and why there’s nothing to fear.

Master the best techniques for facing panic. With our interdisciplinary cutting edge research, you’ll have all the necessary tools under your belt.

Kick panic to the curb. When you’re through with your quests, you’ll have taken back control over your life. You can say goodbye to your panic attacks, and for good!

The quest includes 7 modules:

  1. The #1 Trick to Kick Panic to the Curb
  2. Bring it On! Surviving Panic in your Nightmare Scenarios
  3. Managing Your Thoughts Before, During, and After Panic
  4. Releasing Panic from your Body
  5. Not Your Ordinary Breathing Exercises
  6. I am Strength: How to Unleash your Inner Potential
  7. The “Art” of Transforming Panic

This 7-module course is available for one year access.