GoWave! Panic Attack Relief Online Program


This program for teens & tweens includes:

  • 1 Module, 12 Animations
  • 55+ Minutes of Video
  • Printable activities to accompany each lesson
  • 1 year of access

This is an online program. Nothing will be mailed.


There’s a reason why helping someone who’s having a panic attack can be terrifying and challenging:

Most of what we’ve been taught about panic attacks is wrong.

GoZen!’s detailed research into the latest scientific thinking has uncovered a new beacon of hope – a new way to truly understand Panic and how we become trapped in its cycle.

With this crucial understanding, power over panic is finally within reach.

GoWave! for Panic uses original, exciting, engaging animations and worksheets to teach your kids unique, proven tools to escape the panic cycle… and empower you to help them too.

Neutrino and a brand new team are on an action-packed mission to Earth to uncover the tricks played on humanoid youthlings, which make them panic. This 11-episode mini-series includes worksheets to go along with each lesson, and is available for 1-year access.

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