GoAction! Procrastination Relief Online Program


This program for teens & tweens includes:

  • 1 Module, 6 Animations
  • 24+ Minutes of Video
  • Printable activities to accompany each lesson
  • Bonus 1-hour interview with world-renowned procrastination expert, Tim Pychyl
  • 1 year of access

This is an online program. Nothing will be mailed.


Does your child…

  • Delay doing his school work?
  • Say things like, “I’ll do that later,” or “I just don’t feel like it right now.”
  • Pull things out of her backpack to be signed in the morning as the bus is pulling up?
  • Arrive late to scheduled events because he didn’t get ready in time?
  • Put off chores until they pile up to unmanageable levels?
  • Have a disorganized bedroom, desk, locker, or backpack?
  • Ignore you when you emphasize the importance of getting things done in time?
  • Make excuses for her inaction?

Procrastination is actually a coping skill that helps us handle negative emotions about a particular task. When we say negative emotions, we mean things like worry, boredom, frustration, self-doubt, insecurity, and all kinds of other yucky stuff. For example, if your child has to do homework and the thought of that is frustrating or boring, then procrastination (or putting it off) helps them feel good now, in the moment. Fascinating, right? Procrastination is really about delaying feeling bad so you can feel good right now!

There are all kinds of situations where kids might procrastinate:

  • Large projects with no clear starting point
  • Having to do chores or household responsibilities
  • Starting or completing homework
  • Difficult conversations
  • Performances where failure is a fear

No matter the unique cause, if procrastination is the effect, then GoAction! can help.

GoAction! is an animated program for kids and tweens to learn:

  • Why¬†humans put things off in the first place
  • How to¬†identify tricks¬†the brain uses to make us procrastinate
  • Tools for¬†getting started¬†on overwhelming projects
  • Tools to use when kids¬†don’t feel like¬†working on priorities
  • How to set¬†internal alarms¬†that tell them when it‚Äôs time to act
  • How to¬†prepare themselves¬†for unexpected obstacles
  • How to be¬†mindful¬†of their future and forgiving of their pasts

GoAction! includes:

  • 6 Episode¬†Animated Course for Kids
  • 6 Core Animations¬†with Key Learning Points
  • Worksheet Activities¬†for Every Animation
  • Bonus:¬†Science of Procrastination Kit
  • Bonus: 1-hour Interview with Dr. Tim Pychyl, world-renowned procrastination expert

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