Big Emotions Mega Pack (PDF)


9 Printable PDF Flashcards, Worksheets and Activities that help kids build their own “Calm Down Corner” and reinforce healthy coping mechanisms.


This printable PDF pack includes:

  • Feeling Cards – Give kids the language to talk about their feelings, understand the power of body language and tone, and build a strong emotional vocabulary
  • Coping Cards – Give kids fun and easy strategies for dealing with difficult emotions in a healthy, safe, and productive way
  • Meditation Cards – Easy to understand instructions and beautiful illustrations introduce kids to the amazing power of meditation
  • Breathing Shapes – Visual tools for teaching kids the power of mindful breathing
  • Calm Down Posters – Use these posters to create a soothing calm down corner to replace your time out corner, and help them develop emotional intelligence
  • Safe Space Posters: Every kid needs a place they can be themselves; decorate their safe space with these posters to remind them they’re perfect just as they are
  • Surf Your Feelings – Activity and coloring pages that reinforce listening to, and riding along with, our difficult feelings, instead of fighting against them
  • Calm Down Action Steps – Posters that allow kids to visualize a clear, personal calm-down plan when challenging emotions come up