Body Confidence Activity Kit (PDF)


9 Printable PDF journals, flashcards and activities that help kids build self confidence and self compassion.


This printable PDF pack includes:

  • Body Confidence – Teens & tweens can use this journal as a reminder of how amazing we are outside of any physical characteristics.
  • Body Talk –  This journal helps kids recognize the amazing things our bodies do for us, and start up a dialogue with their bodies.
  • Body Gratitude Coloring – Our bodies deserve love and appreciation. This set of colorable posters encourage kids to treat their bodies with gratitude and engage in healthy conversations with themselves.
  • Body AWEsome Affirmations – These colorful posters are filled with affirmations that remind kids just how amazing their bodies truly are.
  • Shielding the Shoulds – These colorable posters help kids shield themselves from thoughts about how they “should” be.
  • Dear Body – A journal in which kids write letters to their bodies as if it were one of their best friends.
  • Power Up with Self-Hugs – This set of flashcards (with colorable versions) gives kids language and direction to take self-compassion breaks, countering negative thought processes.
  • Building Self-Compassion – Posters that remind kids to treat themselves with respect and compassion.
  • Self-Talk That Matters – A set of flashcards (with colorable versions) that help kids keep their self-talk positive, a practice that boosts self esteem.