Help Kids Curb Procrastination Now!

Does your child…

  • Delay doing his school work?
  • Say things like, "I'll do that later," or "I just don't feel like it right now."
  • Pull things out of her backpack to be signed in the morning as the bus is pulling up?
  • Arrive late to scheduled events because he didn't get ready in time?
  • Put off chores until they pile up to unmanageable levels?
  • Have a disorganized bedroom, desk, locker, or backpack?
  • Ignore you when you emphasize the importance of getting things done in time?
  • Make excuses for her inaction?

If you checked even one box, GoZen! can help. There's someone we'd like you to meet.

Introducing Taylor, the star of GoZen!'s Procrastination Program, GoAction! Taylor is totally awesome, but he's also totally disorganized, always late for class, and days behind on his homework. His room is a mess because he avoids doing chores, he's easily distracted by friends and video games, and he gets overwhelmed by projects that require extra time and effort. Taylor is a chronic procrastinator!

If you know someone like Taylor, then you probably also know that his Mom loves him and wants the best for him, but she's pulling her hair out trying to figure out how to get him to get stuff done. She's tried fear tactics: You'll never go to college. She's tried love: I can help you if you'd like. She's tried using outside authority: Your teacher says you have to do your homework.

Nothing works, and that hurts.

Taylor (Major Procrastinator)
Taylor (Major Procrastinator)

Procrastinating is a real problem
that causes real pain.

If you've ever tried to gently motivate your child to do anything on time, you know that nudging, coaxing, and reminding are often too subtle. If you've ever found yourself pulling at your hair and screaming at your child to put away the video games and start getting their chores done, you know that anger, yelling, and punishments only lead to more anger, hurt, and heartbreak. And if you've ever stood helplessly and watched while your child falls further and further behind in school, then missing deadlines and underachieving, you know the guilt of feeling like you've somehow failed them, or missed out on teaching them some valuable life lesson that you yourself don't fully understand. That's a lonely place to be.

GoZen! wants you to know you and your child are not alone!

Every child has procrastinated (and, let’s face it, every grown-up has, too). We’ll just call it a very human habit. But why do we do it? When kids know it’s important to get homework done, or when we know it’s important to exercise, why do we jump through hoops to avoid doing the work? Humans have been asking themselves the same questions for decades, and at last, science is offering answers! We're excited to bring them to you in the GoAction! Procrastination Program!

You've heard all the excuses.

"I just don't feel like it."

"It'll only take a minute, so I can do it later."

"I'm sure I'll have more energy tomorrow."

"The test is on Friday... I don't need to study until Thursday."

"I don't even know where to begin."

"I'm too tired."

"I've done enough already."

Everything we think we know about procrastination is WRONG!

We know you want answers. We know you want to live in a home where your child comes home and self-starts their homework. We know you want to leave for an appointment and have your child ready to walk out the door on time. We know that's the goal. We know you want answers.

Before you can know the solutions, it's important to know what procrastination is and what it isn’t. Procrastinating isn’t about being lazy. It’s not about being unmotivated, or a poor planner. Actually, procrastination requires great planning skills, and usually requires more effort than just getting stuff done in the first place. Just think about the mental work involved in putting things off, and the energy required to cram work in at the last minute. It’s also not about being forgetful or absent minded. Procrastination is always intentional!

Common myths about what causes procrastination in kids:

Myth: Time Mgmt Issues
Myth: Time Mgmt Issues
Myth: Laziness
Myth: Laziness
Myth: Disorganization
Myth: Disorganization

So, what does cause procrastination? Let's have the experts weigh in:

“Procrastination is an emotion regulation problem, not a time management problem.” ~Dr. Tim Pychyl, professor of psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa.

“People engage in this irrational cycle of chronic procrastination because of an inability to manage negative moods around a task.” ~Dr. Fuschia Sirois, professor of psychology at the University of Sheffield.

Procrastination is about
feeling good in the moment!

Procrastination is actually a coping skill that helps us handle negative emotions about a particular task. When we say negative emotions, we mean things like worry, boredom, frustration, self-doubt, insecurity, and all kinds of other yucky stuff. For example, if your child has to do homework and the thought of that is frustrating or boring, then procrastination (or putting it off) helps them feel good now, in the moment. Fascinating, right?!? Procrastination is really about delaying feeling bad so you can feel good right now!

There are all kinds of situations where kids might procrastinate:

  • Large projects with no clear starting point
  • Having to do chores or household responsibilities
  • Starting or completing homework
  • Difficult conversations
  • Performances where failure is a fear

No matter the unique cause, if procrastination is the effect, then GoAction! can help.

GoAction! is an animated program for kids and tweens to learn:

  • Why humans put things off in the first place
  • How to identify tricks the brain uses to make us procrastinate
  • Tools for getting started on overwhelming projects
  • Tools to use when kids don't feel like working on priorities
  • How to set internal alarms that tell them when it’s time to act
  • How to prepare themselves for unexpected obstacles
  • How to be mindful of their future and forgiving of their pasts 

In the GoAction! Program, kids learn to curb procrastination while having fun!

There are tools that both kids and adults can use to end the procrastination problem, and real science proves these methods work! As part of our mission to improve mental wellness in families, GoZen! is super excited to offer the GoAction! Program. A 6-part series of animations, each exciting episode is packed with information and tools any child can use (and any adult, too). 

An episode-by-episode breakdown:

GoAction! is broken down into 6 episodes that teach kids how to understand and curb procrastination. Here's a sample of what you can expect from each episode:


Episode 1: Procrastination InAction

Meet Taylor! We find him already stressed, and we learn that people who procrastinate...

  • are often disorganized
  • feel overwhelmed by big goals and projects
  • fear failure
  • are very good at making excuses

Episode 2: Future Taylor

Taylor gets a surprise visit from a super stressed future version of himself. Future Taylor explains...

  • procrastination causes stress, anxiety, and overwhelm
  • procrastination isn't about being lazy, but a trick the mind plays to feel good in the moment
  • discover what procrastination has to do with our future selves

Episode 3: Next Action

Taylor is overwhelmed with work, but luckily his future self shows up with some tools to help him through. Taylor learns...

  • if he waits until he "feels like" doing something, he'll be waiting a long time
  • the best tool for curbing procrastination

Episode 4: When-Thens

Future Taylor is starting to feel less stressed, but he's not going away until Taylor crushes his old habits. Taylor discovers...

  • a tool that will act like a little alarm in the brain to take action
  • how to commit to  intentions

Episode 5: If-Thens

Taylor learns that life is full of unexpected obstacles and distractions. But he also learns...

  • we all have procrastination triggers, and they may not be as "unexpected" as you think
  • an effective tool to avoid distractions

Episode 6: Mindfulness & Kindness

Taylor's stress hits a high. He's angry about his past mistakes, and doesn't know how to move on. Taylor learns...

  • how to curb procrastination in the future
  • how to make better future decisions

Two AMAZING limited-time bonuses:


BONUS #1: Interview with Dr. Tim Pychyl

The World Expert on Procrastination, Dr. Tim Pychyl teaches you how to kick procrastination to the curb in an in-depth, engaging interview with Renee Jain. 57-minutes of content-packed information about the tools you need to help kids beat procrastination.


BONUS #2: The Science of Procrastination Kit

You get GoZen's popular procrastination kit (45-page PDF) including an amazing story called “Me, the Stranger,” worksheets, reflection questions and lesson plans. This kit is for kids, parents, educators, coaches, and therapists looking to kick procrastination to the curb!

Here's what professionals say
about GoZen! programs:

I absolutely LOVE the GoZen! program. As a specialist in CBT for anxiety and related disorders, I have not come across a program until seeing yours that has been even remotely as well executed, clinically sound, and engaging as GoZen!

I am so pleased to have added it to my library of clinical tools and eagerly await anything else you may release.

Dr. Allison Solomon, Psy.D., PLLC
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

As a parent of children who struggle with anxiety and a mental health clinician working with many clients who also struggle with anxiety, I have found GoZen! to be informed by empirical research, accessible to both children and adults, engaging and interesting and most importantly, effective.

This is the first program that has provided tools my children readily understand and use on their own. The creators of GoZen! brilliantly combine likable, amusing characters whose struggles validate the experiences of many children, with the latest in brain science research on effective anxiety treatment.

Elizabeth Wade, MS, LMHC

I am always looking for ways to grab students’ attention and find meaningful ways to explain key therapeutic concepts. The GoZen! videos have helped engage even some of my more challenging students. The humor and relatability of the characters help children feel more at ease and ready to discuss their experiences.

I have used this program with both elementary and middle school. It provides a comprehensive understanding of anxiety and strategies to manage this uncomfortable emotion. It provides a complete curriculum, but I have also used segments to augment my own lessons. It has been a great addition to my groups and a powerful tool in my arsenal.

Kerine Casteel, LCSW
Pepin Academies

GoZen! has transformed research-based concepts into fun and multisensory learning modules and workbooks that are ideal for teachers and students. Thank you for sharing your words with my audience. The products you have already created are both brilliant and magical. I can’t wait to see what you create next.

Dr. Erica Warren
Learning Specialist
Educational Therapist

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