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Episode 5: Battling Self-Criticism using Self-Compassion

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We’ve all had those horrible thoughts: I’m not good enough; nobody likes me; I’m so stupid sometimes. That’s the harsh voice of self-criticism. It’s hard enough to hear it in our own heads, but when we know that voice is in our children’s heads, it hurts even more. So how do we fight it? Enter self-compassion! Listen in as Ed and Renee unlock secrets to turning thoughts from foe to best friend. Topics include:

  • Why so many of us live in “self-critiCITY”
  • What science tells us about self-criticism and motivation
  • Self-compassion pioneer Kristin Neff’s 3-component model
  • Roleplay: self-critic Ed vs. self-compassionista Renee
  • “I’m having the thought that…” I’m taking power away from that awful voice
  • How improv comedy can help you stop fighting your thoughts


Check out the PLUS department at GoZen!, where you’ll find a Self-Compassion Journal, as well as our 3-part story Maze of Mirrors, which is the chilling tale of a teen learning to fight her self-criticism with self-compassion.

Dear Anxiety is a podcast for all ages to talk about the difficult emotions so many of us struggle with. We share research-based solutions for the greater mental wellness of your family, and we hope you’ll laugh with us along the way. Join hosts Ed Crasnick, a comedian and Emmy Award winning writer, and Renee Jain, positive psychology guru and founder of GoZen!

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