Dear Anxiety Podcast //

Episode 40: Finding Confidence, Authenticity, and Yourself

Renee Jain
Ed Crasnick

It would be hard to find a human who didn’t want to be more confident, but despite the universal appeal, confidence means something a little different to everybody. Do you want more confidence on social situations? In relationships? Do you want to be more confident giving speeches? Or how about simply being more confidence in who you are as an authentic individual? Ed and Renee touch on all of these things while taking on confidence in this week’s episode of Dear Anxiety.

Dear Anxiety is a podcast for all ages to talk about the difficult emotions so many of us struggle with. We share research-based solutions for the greater mental wellness of your family, and we hope you’ll laugh with us along the way. Join hosts Ed Crasnick, a comedian and Emmy Award winning writer, and Renee Jain, positive psychology guru and founder of GoZen!

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