Dear Anxiety Podcast Episodes

Episode 26: Escaping The Over-Scheduling Trap

Renee and Ed discuss the high price of the over-scheduling phenomenon, and share ideas about what you and your kids can do about it.  

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Episode 25: Spotting Thought Holes

Renee and Ed help us identify different kinds of cognitive distortions, or “thought holes,” show us how we can think more accurately, and they host a game show with fabulous prizes.

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Episode 24: Self Love is All You Need

It’s a love fest for Ed and Renee as they discuss some scientific reasons for showing ourselves more love, and offer some tools, too, to make it easier to be inwardly affectionate. Also, Ed sings!

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Episode 23: Renee Jain Interviews Dr. Tamar Chansky

Renee is in conversation with Dr. Tamar Chansky, who discusses hallmark signs of anxiety, tips for role playing, and games to help your child understand what their worry is telling them.

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Episode 22: Tolerating Frustration

Renee and Ed explain what exactly frustration is, why we feel it, and how the feeling of frustration is really just the tip of an emotional iceberg.

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Episode 21: Putting Sleep Anxiety (and Your Kids) to Bed

Renee recounts her battles with sleep, Ed ponders whether he’s slept enough to be considered human, and together they share nine tools, strategies, and bits of wisdom to help you and your child when it... Read More

Episode 20: Social Anxiety – Truths, Myths, and How To Work Against It

Ed and Renee discuss the hard, disruptive impact of social anxiety on our lives and on the lives of our kids, and they introduce some interventions for managing it.

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Episode 19: Passing Through the Not-So-Great State of Loneliness

Ed and Renee help us understand what loneliness really is, what it is not, and how we can help ourselves, and our loved ones, navigate this dangerous and painful state of mind.

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