Parenting Rewind: Morning Routine Meltowns (and what to do)

You prepped lunch the night before, laid out clothes, and chatted with your kids about expectations. The morning comes and chaos ensues…. the kids are moving like snails. You need to get out the door, but one kid can’t find a shoe and the other hasn’t brushed their teeth. You’re going to be late for work! BOOM–YOU YELL!

You’re not proud of your reaction, but you feel cornered. If you feel like this as a parent: you are not alone. It may be time for a Parenting Rewind or a do-over. Next time you’re in this situation, the main goal is to pause long enough to regulate yourself so you can then show up as the best version of yourself. Once you’re regulated, you are in a place to coach your kids through the skill of getting ready efficiently.

Is pausing hard to do? Definitely. It takes practice, but you got this. Once you’re able to pause, there are many strategies you can use to help your kids along. Gamify getting ready. Join their flow if they are absorbed in an activity. Bring their attention back to getting ready if they are distracted.

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