Parenting Rewind: Kids Not Listening to Rules? Try This!

Does this seem familiar?

You’re in the kitchen making dinner and your child has decided to make the kitchen floor his personal basketball court. His ball keeps bouncing close to the stove and your patience is wearing thin. You’ve already reminded him several times to not play ball in the house. You go back to your cooking and once again, the squeak of the ball bouncing on the floor hits your ears. You explode.

Maybe you’re not so proud of your reaction and felt a little cornered. If you’ve ever felt like this as a parent, you are not alone. It may be time for a Parenting Rewind. When we’re busy with a task and we’re overwhelmed, we might find ourselves easily triggered. The first step is to pause and regulate within yourself so you are able to better show up for your child.

This takes a lot of consistent practice, so have patience with yourself and remember that you already have the skills to do this! By connecting to yourself first, you can ground yourself and your emotions and then connect with your child and help them recognize the emotions within them. You can help them find another activity to do inside, come up with a plan for outdoor activities later, or simply help them adhere to the limit you set by putting the ball away.

Remember, your kids may be disappointed when you enforce a rule and that’s okay. We are allowed to enforce limits and kids are allowed to feel how they feel about it. Our goal is not to quash their feelings, but to help them navigate through them.

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