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  • 125 expert interviews revealing practical tools and insights to increase your child or teen’s well-being, resilience, engagement, and life satisfaction
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Parents Need Support, Too!

Got parenting questions?

Our experts have answers!


How can I teach my kids to be GRITTY and persevere toward goals?

You’ll hear from the pioneer of Grit and #1 NYT Bestselling author, Dr. Angela Duckworth.


My tween PROCRASTINATES on anything important - he'd rather play video games. How can I help?

Take a deep dive into an interview with the world’s foremost expert on procrastination, Dr. Tim Pychyl.


How can I stay calm as a teacher and parent when my students have ANGRY OUTBURSTS?

Learn from the world-authority on peaceful parenting (she literally wrote the book on it!), Dr. Laura Markham.


I want my kids to be MORE INDEPENDENT - how do I teach them this skill?

Akilah Richards is an unschooling expert that will help you help your kids with self-directed learning. This interview is a community favorite!


How can I give my teen the motivation to SUCCEED without me there?

Julie Lythcott-Haimes teaches parents how cultivate self-efficacy in their kids and break free from overparenting.


My teen gets TERRIBLE SLEEP each and every night... what can I do?

You’ll hear from Dr. Michael Breus, the #1 NYT Bestselling Author who is also known as The Sleep Doctor.

125 Psychology and Education Experts Have Advice for Parents

How do you support a tween with anxiety?
How do you motivate a kid that doesn't want to do their homework?
How do you help a child struggling to sleep at night?
How do you help kids turn off their devices?
How do you raise resilient, happy, inspired, thriving children?

As parents, we all have questions. So, we asked the experts!
Not just any experts, but people at the forefront of their fields.

We asked #1 NYT Bestselling Author Angela Duckworth how to raise gritty kids.

We asked the world's expert on procrastination, Dr. Tim Pychyl, how to motivate kids. We asked actor and activist Howie Mandel about raising mentally well-adjusted kids.

And we didn't just ask... we drilled for answers and insights on a wide variety of topics such as self-regulation, coping with anxiety, motivation in school, sleeping well at night, and much more!

We've conducted in-depth interviews with each of these experts and put together what we feel is the world's best library of advice on raising kids who thrive.

Now you can gain instant, lifetime access to this library for less than what it would cost to have one private session with most of our experts.

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Here's Just Some of What You'll Learn:

The Superpowered Summit

  • Character Strengths to Superpower Kids
  • Fostering Change During Times of Crisis
  • Productivity: Achieving More by Doing Less
  • Shedding the "Shoulds" and Finding Authenticity
  • Resilience During & After the Pandemic
  • Uncovering Every Kid's Innate P.O.W.E.R. & Parenting to cultivate family P.O.W.E.R.
  • Making Connections & Building Resilience
  • Boosting Emotional Intelligence in Families
  • Fostering Growth & Finding Meaning During a Crisis
  • And So Much More…

The Better Sleep Summit

  • The 4 reasons anxious kids can't sleep
  • Tackling the 2 big sleep problems in school-age kids
  • Mindfulness + Self-Compassion
  • Tapping to help kids (and you) sleep!
  • The truth about screens & sleep
  • Does my child have a sleep disorder?
  • Putting monsters and worry to bed for good!
  • Helping teens and tweens master sleep
  • And So Much More…

The Confident Child Summit

  • Confidence from the Inside Out
  • Creating Cultures of Dignity
  • Helping Kids with Effort, Mistakes, and Mindset
  • Leading Big Lives with Growth Mindsets
  • Taking the Fear Out of Failure
  • The Emotionally Healthy Child
  • The Science of Being Popular
  • The Science of Confident Brains
  • Tools to Transform Social Anxiety
  • Turning the Tables on Negative Thinking
  • The Strength and Beauty of Awkward People
  • And So Much More…

The Happy Child Summit

  • Character Strengths: The keys to educating kids on good character
  • Creating Space: Designing your home for happiness
  • Goal-Setting: The science of effective goal-setting
  • Mindset Malleability: Create contagious optimism with kids
  • Positive Discipline: Setting boundaries for positive outcomes
  • Optimistic Parenting: Raising joyful, successful, and fulfilled kids
  • Purpose: Guiding kids to uncover purpose & meaning
  • Relationships: The science of healthy family relationships
  • Resilience: Teaching kids to "Stress Better"
  • Sports Anxiety: Positive sports strategies for kids
  • And So Much More…

The Motivated Child Summit

  • Authentic Grit: Cultivating resilience and setting better goals
  • Burnout Prevention: Rejuvenating kids with resilience skills
  • Executive Functioning: Empowering families to improve motivation
  • Grit: Parenting kids to be gritty and resilient
  • Mental Strength: Training for resilience and mental toughness
  • Motivation: How to end homework Battles
  • Motivation: Parenting styles to raise motivated adults
  • Procrastination: Tools to tackle it
  • The Parent's Role: Conscious parenting to unleash motivation
  • And So Much More….

The Resilient Child Summit

  • Freeing your child from anxiety by putting them in charge of their minds
  • Building body image resilience
  • Transforming ourselves to empower our children and awaken true connection
  • Parenting peacefully by connecting with your kids
  • Understanding the truth about eating disorders and how to help your child
  • Piloting your journey through mental health challenges by speaking up, not shutting down
  • Transforming your child’s mood with food using the secret of spices
  • Building emotional resilience through role-play and drama
  • Helping your child to put themselves to sleep and stay there until morning
  • And So Much More…

The Anger Transformation Summit

  • Calm In The Face Of Anger
  • Cracking Codes In Anger
  • Keep It Real: Role Playing Through Anger
  • Raising An Emotionally Fit Family
  • Taking Control Of Anger As A Parent
  • Taking Power Away From Triggers
  • Using Anger To Our Advantage
  • And So Much More…

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Here's What People Are Saying about Our Summits:

It was great to have such a wide variety of experts
It was great to have such a wide variety of experts. With such a choice you can pick and choose which pieces of info are relevant to your situation. As a mum from the UK who has suffered herself in the past and is currently reaching out to find help for my teen, it was amazing to have such insight into all these different topics.

Gave me a fresh take on being a parent
A colleague forwarded this event and I enrolled immediately. I thought there might be tips and tricks to help me in the classroom, especially with behavior students (kids which have a back story and a tough history). Funnily enough, I watched some speakers and not only became inspired by their words, work and wisdom but also gave me a fresh take on being a parent.

Brilliant and compassionate responses to share with my kids
I am one of those moms out there trying to fill my tool bag with the most effective emotional tools to help my kids thrive and enjoy life. My motivation and persistence to keep learning how to help them grow well comes from my own emotional struggles. Your speakers are giving me brilliant and compassionate responses to heal myself and to share with my kids when the heaviness of perfectionism, approval addiction, mindset, expectations and even just their day to day squabbles can weigh down on us.

I don’t feel so alone on this journey of learning
Renee, you are a wonderful host! Your questioning is so organic and done with such ease. You really listen and empathize with the speaker and with what is being said. I also love how you allow yourself to become vulnerable by sharing your feelings and experiences with your guest speakers and audience. With you as a host, I, as a listener, don’t feel so alone on this journey of learning. Your presence has made my experience with the summit so wonderful! Thank you for hosting, and for offering such a beneficial resource!

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How long would it take you to read a book on coaching kids through anxiety? How many hours might you spend searching for the best way to motivate your teen? Let's be honest: there's not enough time to read all the books or take all the classes to put our best parenting foot forward. And our kids need help right now.

So, let us help! 

GoZen! has assembled 125 world-renowned experts on grit, motivation, resilience, courage, sleep, screentime, and more, to teach us how to be the parents and educators our kids need.

How Our Expert Interviews Faciliate Positive Change:

  • 3 Ways to Learn: You get 125 full-length videos of each interview as well as full transcripts and audio downloads that are great for when you're on the go!
  • Journalistic Interviews: Your host, Renee Jain, uses an interview style to dive deep and provide unparalleled insight and practical skills for kids and teens.
  • Habit Change: Advice from each interview is made actionable with engaging worksheets that reinforce learning.

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