Growth Mindset Workshop 2023

Help Kids & Teens Build Frustration Tolerance, Curb Perfectionism, Boost Motivation, & Cultivate a Growth Mindset!

Growth Mindset Workshop

Calling all Parents, Educators, and Therapists:
The 2023 Growth Mindset 2-hour Virtual Workshop is here!

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Virtual Workshop Recording

Get the Tools to Help Kids & Teens:

Frustration Tolerance, Perfectionism Help for Kids and Teens

In this workshop, parents & educators will learn to teach kids & teens how to:

  • Get frustrated the right way
  • Silence their inner critic
  • Increase personal agency
  • Embrace a mindset for learning
  • Transform comparison
  • Decode and use mistakes
  • Curb procrastination
  • Push through boredom
  • Adopt sticky habits
  • Reduce overwhelm & exhaustion

Mindset Myth Busting!

"Mistakes make your brain grow." We like that idea, but cultivating a growth mindset is about so much more. In truth, it's what you do after the mistake that's most important.

Come to the workshop and walk away with 4 Keys to Cultivating a Growth Mindset!

Do mistakes really make your brain grow? Mindset Myths

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We'll be covering all of this and more!

Long-term Motivation

The Science of Focus

Unlock secrets to help kids and teens get and stay focused

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Strategies

The latest science is transformed into practical techniques for you

Procrastination Realities

Procrastination Realities

Bust procrastination myths and learn what actually works

Making Mistakes

Perfectionism Curbed

Help kids who struggle with mistakes and perfectionism

Frustration Tolerance

Frustration Tolerance

Discover unconventional methods to practice frustration tolerance

Setting Kids Up for Success

Methods of Motivation

Take a deep dive into unlocking long-lasting motivation

In this 2-hour Interactive Workshop, you will:

  • Get the 4 keys to cultivating a growth mindset
  • Learn the unconventional method to build frustration tolerance
  • Coach kids and teens to take on "boring" tasks
  • Bust 3 myths to defeat procrastination
  • Discover science-based tricks to dissolve homework battles
  • Get scripts to talk to your kids and teens when they are resistant
  • Empower and encourage your kids and teens

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Virtual Workshop Recording

A growth mindset is not just about believing you can. It's about putting your beliefs into action. Let's teach our kids the "how" of learning.

- Renee Jain, MAPP, Founder of GoZen!

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This is an event where you get:

  • Presentation by Renee Jain,
    Founder of GoZen!
  • Interactive demonstrations
  • Q & A: Questions answered live
  • Recording of the live presentation

Watch the Recording!

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Growth Mindset

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Renee Jain, MAPP

Meet your host: Renee Jain, MAPP

As founder and Chief Storyteller at GoZen!, Renee is recognized as a pioneer in marrying technology and child psychology in a unique approach that nurtures the hearts and minds of kids. Through her writing, product invention and development, masterclasses for parents, and children’s advocacy, she works to build the emotional intelligence of kids. Renee earned her Master’s degree in Positive Psychology – the scientific study of optimal human functioning – from the University of Pennsylvania and is the NYT bestselling co-author of Superpowered: Transform Anxiety into Courage, Confidence, and Resilience.


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