MindCrafts: Craft Your Worry Away

Did you know that talking to your worries is a tried and true therapy technique? Not only is it a useful way for you to check in with your thoughts and feelings, but self-talk builds motivation, calms nerves, and can help analyze tricky situations. 

We all have feelings, each with a very distinct and different voice. They live inside of us and long to be seen and heard. When we learn to acknowledge those voices instead of suppressing them, our relationship with our feelings changes, and we begin to recognize that each one has a purpose. 

Teaching our kids to talk to their worries gives them power over the voice they’re hearing. They begin to build a relationship with it and realize that all feelings are protective mechanisms meant to keep us safe. Instead of trying to get rid of them, we should listen to what they have to say!

Note: The extended version of our chatter printable template is available in the member’s dashboard available with family and professional subscriptions. Learn more here!

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