Deep Breathing for Kids Made Fun!

Mindful breathing is an important skill that helps you regulate your body when you’re feeling anxious or worried. It’s also a great daily practice that allows you to pause, connect, and slow down. The Fly High Breath Regulator is a perfect tool for kids and adults alike to teach calm breathing in a super fun, gravity-defying way!

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5 thoughts on “Deep Breathing for Kids Made Fun!”

    • Hi Lindsay!

      Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear that you’re having a hard time getting the balloon to float!

      Here are some things you can try:

      When making the craft, make sure you’re only inserting a small amount of the straw into the cone. The hot glue also helps fill the gaps between the straw and paper that might be interfering with the stream of air.

      Also, you won’t want your balloon to be very big. We suggest about lemon size or smaller. 🙂

      Hopefully one of those will help get that balloon floating for you!


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