Got Anger? Pano to the Rescue

Norma leaves her homework assignment at home. Fortunately, Pano, a powerful Dynamo comes to her aid.

Techniques demonstrated in this video:

  • Mindfulness: Norma becomes an outside observer to her thoughts and emotions
  • Self-compassion: Norma speaks to herself with kindness and understanding
  • Strength-based problem solving: Norma calls on her character strength of perspective to help resolve a challenge

This is a pilot video from a new set of stand alone animations addressing challenges such as anger, academic pressure, and more included in our add-on program: Worksheets Plus. Worksheets Plus is an add-on to our standard GoZen! programs.

Let us know what you think of the Dynamos or any other thoughts you have on the new animation. We look forward to your feedback!

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10 thoughts on “Got Anger? Pano to the Rescue”

  1. Love it! Really effective for getting a child to see what their anger looks like and try to be self-compassionate in that moment. I am looking forward to reviewing this with a 6-year-old who has difficulty regulating his emotions! Thanks so much for the material!

  2. What a perfect video for a student of mine that gets so very upset with this same situation. I plan to use this video immediately. Thank you for providing these real-life situations and strategies>

  3. I liked everything but “Maybe Mom can bail me out” I wish there was a better resolution than this.

  4. Like the PANO character but agree with above comment….mom’s can’t always be available and sometimes there are just consequences for mistakes.

  5. Love that this program is addressing anger. My son goes to fight in the fight or flight scenario to cope even though he is really dealing with anxiety, fear, embarrassment and nervousness. I would purchase this add-on in a second.

  6. Amazing and so powerful for kids and us adults! Thank you for this creative, wonderful, powerful animation GoZen!

  7. Thank you so much for this insight not only can I help my 5 year old and 10 year old I can help myself, thanks once again,
    Brgds Mom from UK suffering with depression

  8. I am gonna used this unbelievable technique for my 11 year old who is displaying this type of emotion issue. I have learned that I need to be more compassionate and patient. However, he needs to be responsible for his own mistakes. Overall, it’s really effective.

  9. I like the concept and the example of self talk and being kind to yourself. I agree with the majority that natural consequences are the best. In reality, calling mom once might be okay unless the student is a repeat offender ( of calling mom to the rescue) and then it becomes enabling. However, for the purposes of this video I believe a more effective coping strategy would be observing the student solving the problem on her own, which might be talking to the teacher to see if she could bring it later for a point deduction or maybe asking if there is extra credit and/ or excepting the consequence,whatever that might be, without allowing it to ruin her whole day.

  10. Fantastic feedback – thank you! For those of you who encouraged Norma to cope on her own (without leaning on mom), you intuition is amazing. In the next animation, Norma’s mom is unavailable and she’ll need to further problem-solve… 🙂

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