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Goal-Setting 2024 Kit (PDF)
Goal-Setting 2024 Kit (PDF) × 1
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Goal Setting 2024 Activity Kit (PDF)


Get lifetime, instant access – teach kids & teens how to set goals using research-backed techniques made fun! Over 51% Off: Order now for $35 $17!

✔ More than 25 goal-setting techniques to help kids set & achieve goals
✔ Research-based frustration tolerance & motivation techniques
✔40+ printable pages in color or black/white, and fillable

Goal-Setting 2024 Kit (PDF)
Goal-Setting 2024 Kit (PDF) × 1
Subtotal $17.00
Total $17.00


This activity kit has been a game-changer for my daughter. I can already see her going back to this kit again and again.

Anya P.
Proud Parent

GoZen is a great tool to help kids tackle big feelings. I have used it with several kids in my practice and they love it. They find the resources easy to relate to, and enjoy the activities as a fun way to learn.

Dr. Katherine Gibson
Parent and Child Psychological Services

There was no force feeding or cajoling my son to engage in the GoZen! resources! I would recommend this to anyone.

Joe S.
Proud Parent

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