Why One Kid Gives Up While Another One Does Not (A Visual Story)

Have you ever wondered why one kid may be more resilient than another? Check out this visual story.

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Understand Your Child’s Anxiety (Infographic)

If you’ve never suffered from anxiety, it can be challenging to understand what a child is truly experiencing. In fact, excessive worrying may seem like a normal part of growing up and something kids just... Read More

The #1 Thing Kids Want When They’re Stressed (Infographic)

Do kids feel stress? According to a survey of 875 9- to 13-year-old boys and girls, they sure do. Check out what stresses kids out from homework to school and how they cope in the... Read More

Eight 60-Second Anxiety Relief Tools for Kids (Infographic)

Keep this list handy in case you’re in need of a quick stress fix. These tools can be used in one minute or less to help bring down levels of stress and anxiety. Used repeatedly,... Read More

5 Phrases to Avoid Saying to an Anxious Child (Infographic)

If you have an anxious child, check out 5 phrases to avoid using with them and 5 alternatives.   Related posts: 9 Things Every Parent with an Anxious Child Should Try 49 Phrases to Calm... Read More

6 Things to Try When You’re Frustrated with a Friend

We all get frustrated with a friend once in a while. Check out 6 steps to take next time you’re in this situation.

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10 Quotes to Live By for Kids Big and Small

Sometimes the words of others are all we need to soothe, motivate, inspire, or empower our soul.

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5 Ways Of Coping With Your Anxiety That Are Actually Making It Worse

Do you ever get angry at yourself for feeling anxious? Beating yourself up for feeling anxious only multiplies the misery. This is #3 on the list of 5 ways of coping with anxiety that can actually make it worse.... Read More