Family Movie Night: 4 Films That Can Help Your Child With Anger

Family movie night! Popcorn. Blankets. Laughter and excitement. What could be better?!? But movies can be even more than that. Movies can also be life lessons and opportunities for conversations with our kids. If there’s…

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Reasons kids lie

9 Reasons Kids Lie, and How to Address it Positively

Lying. What a difficult, negative thing to think about. The word liar drums up so many emotions, and none of them feel very good. But lies from children are more complicated than you might think….

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When your kids say, "I'm not smart enough."

“I’m Not Smart Enough.” 5 Healthy Responses For Kids Lacking Confidence

“I’m just not smart enough.” “I’ll never be able to do that.” “I wish I was different.” Is there anything more gut-wrenching than hearing your child question their own intelligence, abilities, or worth? You know…

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6 Phrases to Replace “Finish Your Food!”

You’ve used them. Your parents used them. Their parents used them. I’m talking about classic mealtime parenting phrases. Let’s see how many we can name: “Don’t play with your food.” “Chew with your mouth closed!”…

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Connection, Not Blame: 3 Tips to Help Kids With Mistakes and Motivation

Everyone makes mistakes, and nobody wants to feel guilt or shame when it happens. When we’re overwhelmed by the negative feelings associated with being blamed, it makes feeling motivated to learn or change super hard….

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6 Ways to Teach Persistence Without Saying “Don’t Be a Quitter”

Persistence. Grit. Self-motivation. All good things, right? Things we want our kids to have innately. And when they don’t show those qualities, when they want to give up on a new hobby, or project, or…

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12 Compassionate Phrases to Calm An Angry Child

Ever have a bad day? Do you ever feel, well, not quite right, and like your fuse is a little shorter than usual? How about when things don’t go your way; does that frustrate you?…

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6 Phrases to Use Instead of “Don’t Be Shy” When Kids Feel Nervous

As parents, we’ve all been there: watching our little one teeter around the edge of the playground or party, unsure of whether they’re going to take the leap to join the other kids. “Oh no!”…

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